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We have collected some of our most popular and influential business and finance books designed to help you achieve excellence in your life and career. 

Achieve excellence in the way you work, communicate and manage, be entrepreneurial and strategic! You can learn from the gurus and get the best in expert advice with the classics of professional business writing.

Business Books for Excellence - Tax and Personal Finance

Tax & Personal Finance

Know how to maximise your returns, leverage deductions, invest wisely and build on your capital. Grow your future with a wise plan and the right action now.                                                                                                                                      

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Business Books for Excellence - The Essentials

Essential Books

Sometimes changing your thinking can have immeasurable impact on your life. Check out how some of the best think and see what ideas might work for you.

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Business Books for Excellence - Efficiency

Working Efficiently, Thinking Better

Gain mental clarity. Overcome stumbling blocks such as lack of confidence or poor focus which could be limiting your potential. These books will help retrain your brain towards a more focused and productive you. 

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Business Books for Excellence - Leading & Managing

Leading & Managing

Managers need to lift productivity and profit, all the while navigating the culture of the organisation, being noticed, networking, setting priorities, communicating with and inspiring their team! Understand your management style, discover what you stand for, and learn how to become a more effective leader.

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Business Books for Excellence - Sell & Negotiate

Sales & Negotiation

All business involves negotiation, and all negotiations require clear communication. Learn how to negotiate and communicate to achieve real success.  

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Business Books for Excellence - Small Business & Startups

Small Business & Startups

Small is beautiful, and when properly formed and focused, can be the seeding of something big. Learn the challenges and opportunities of startups. Be in control and grow. 

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Business Books for Excellence - Communicate & Present

Communicate & Present

Our peers, our staff and our managers perceive us by what we say, type, post, and report. Effective communication is key to influence. Read the best tips and get it right. 

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Business Books for Excellence - Strategy

Strategy & Planning

Strategy sets the direction and priorities for your business, allowing you to counter threats, and grasp opportunities. It is vital to clearly judge options and move decisively. Learn how. 

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Business Books for Excellence - Motivation & Excellence

Motivation & Excellence

What are you reaching for? How do you get there? What does excellence look like? If you know what you are about, you are halfway to success already. Be Inspired here. 

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Business Books for Excellence - Gurus & Stories

Gurus and Stories of Excellence

We all like to know the inside story, especially from those that have achieved so much in their field. Read about the innovators, from Steve Jobs to Phil Knight. Learn from their ingenuity and passion; learn from their wins and fails.

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