The Joyful Startup Guide : Now is the time to make your startup dreams come true - Serina Bird

The Joyful Startup Guide

Now is the time to make your startup dreams come true

By: Serina Bird

Paperback | 12 April 2022

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Product Description


Do you have a fantastic idea for a startup, but not sure where to begin? Quitting your full-time job to pursue your business aspirations can be daunting, but author, podcast host and money coach Serina Bird says it's the best thing she ever did-and you can do it, too!

Within The Joyful Startup Guide, Serina reveals what to do (and what to avoid) to ensure your new (or growing) business is not only prosperous and sustainable, but also highly rewarding. 


· Taking the first leap into the world of business

· The basics of setting up your business

· Knowing when to plan and when to act

· Developing meaningful, impactful branding

· Reaping the benefits of networking

· Managing your stakeholder relationships

· Making a profit and managing your money wisely

· Being super productive (without working yourself into the ground)

· Believing in yourself and sharing your unique magic

The Joyful Startup Guide is the essential handbook for launching a successful startup and living an aligned, heart-centred life.

Industry Reviews

"Serina is an absolute powerhouse. She is a wise business woman, with a wealth of experience and skill that she generously shares with her audience. Since meeting Serina, I have I have found her to be incredibly authentic and passionate about strategically connecting individuals in her community. Serina is a talented writer, who is always looking for ways to expand on her expertise, with a focus on being of service to others. I am grateful to have her as a colleague and friend." - Bec McFarland, Pop Your Business

"Serina is a well-regarded subject-matter expert on all things entrepreneurship. Serina introduced me to the concept of using the skills of entrepreneurship within contexts of family, community, and self-development, rather than business alone. Her books are the repository of all things women in business, but nothing beats seeing Serina in action first-hand." - Rae Knopik, Founder, The CBR Gals Network

"The journey to start a business is full of passion, courage and growth. To understand that networking has the potential to grow not just your business but yourself is such a potent tool. I love that Serina has shared her tips, knowledge & learnings here because with help and support we all grow together. Well done Serina for sharing your learnings." - Liz Fry Walton, Creation Coach

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