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Welcome to the non-fiction section of the Booktopia Catalogue.

Our pick of the month is Three Birds Renovations by social media stars Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor.

We also have an amazing range of new releases across a wide range of topics. Don’t miss new books from Jessica Rowe, Mark Dapin, David Gillespie and many more.

Scroll down for many great recommendations, or browse our Fiction and Kids sections of the catalogue.

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Book of the Month

Three Birds Renovations

by Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor

RRP: $39.99

Our Price: $29.95 | Save 25%

Australia's most fabulous renovators reveal their secrets! The Three Birds are best friends and busy mums who ditched their corporate careers to renovate houses, now with massive Instagram and YouTube followings for their design and reno techniques.

When best friends Erin, Bonnie and Lana ditched their corporate careers to start Three Birds Renovations, they were rookie renovators with big ideas. Today - with many incredible house transformations under their toolbelt - they're a power trio turning neighbourhood ugly ducklings into swans.

If you lust over images of beautiful homes but feel stuck when it comes to your own space, these 'birds' have your back. The book is packed with gorgeous details from their projects, friendly words of encouragement and more than 400 reno tips to help you avoid budget blow-outs, manage trades and timelines, and style without stress. Whether you're starting small or going all-in with a whole-home reno, this is destined to become one of the most useful books you own.

Turn your reno dreams into reality!

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Cookbook of the Month

Magnolia Kitchen

by Bernadette Gee

RRP: $39.99

Our Price: $29.95 | Save 25%

Enjoy the taste sensations of Magnolia Kitchen at home. Bernadette 'Bets' Gee shares her delicious recipes, clever tips and decorating inspiration.

Well known for her artistic cake designs, Bets of Magnolia Kitchen is a force to be reckoned with. From humble beginnings, she now runs a sweet cafe, wholesale distribution business and online shop delivering her retail products worldwide, while maintaining a strong following on Instagram.

As well as her amazingly creative custom cakes, Bets is celebrated for her macarons, doughnuts, brioche, gourmet s'mores and many more mouth-watering treats. In her first cookbook she shares her journey and her widely sought-after recipes so that you can enjoy the deliciousness at home. With step-by-step instructions for cake decorating and making macarons, and a full range of allergy-friendly recipes, this is a must-have book for anyone interested in baking and eating.

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Biography of the Month

Diary of a Crap Housewife

by Jessica Rowe

RRP: $29.99

Our Price: $22.50 | Save 25%

Why not cut the crap, take the pressure off and admit to the moments, days, weeks and months when the wheels of the household do fall off?

Why not cut the crap, take the pressure off and admit to the moments, days, weeks and months when the wheels do fall off? This crap housewife calls to unite all mothers who, like Jessica, sometimes feel they are not perfect.

In this fabulous, funny, down-to-earth book, The Diary of a Crap Housewife, Jessica Rowe writes honestly about her talent (or lack thereof) for cooking, about what's really important when it comes to mothering and family, and about her many and varied views, musings and commonsense advice on other #craphousewife matters.

Being a crap housewife is a badge Jessica wears with pride, and it's a title she invites other women to embrace. The idea of crap lies in the real-life messes, hiccups, disasters and bad meals that many of us dish up and deal with every day. This mum is tired of the photos of perfectly packed school lunches, posts about gourmet family dinners eaten together over the table, and tales of neat, tidy and obedient children with smoothly brushed hair.

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Australia's Vietnam

by Mark Dapin

RRP: $32.99

Our Price: $24.50 | Save 25%

Why everything you think you know about Australia’s Vietnam War is wrong

When Mark Dapin first interviewed Vietnam veterans and wrote about the war, he swallowed (and regurgitated) every misconception. He wasn’t alone. In Australia's Vietnam, Dapin reveals that every stage of Australia’s commitment to the Vietnam War has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and shrouded in myth. From army claims that every national serviceman was a volunteer; and the level of atrocities committed by Australian troops; to the belief there were no welcome home parades until the late 1980s and returned soldiers were met by angry protesters.

Australia's Vietnam is a major contribution to the understanding of Australia’s experience of the war and will change the way we think about memory and military history.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction Current Events

Essential Pre-Election Reading

Dead Right

by Richard Denniss

RRP: $24.99

Our Price: $18.50 | Save 25%

This updated and expanded edition of Richard Denniss's bestselling Quarterly Essay gives a template for understanding the next federal election; discusses how and why the right of politics has continued to splinter; focuses on why energy and climate policy is such a problem for conservative politics; and looks in more detail at what could come after neoliberalism.

How did the banks run wild for so long? Why are so many aged-care residents malnourished? And when did arms manufacturers start sponsoring the Australian War Memorial? In Dead Right, Richard Denniss explores what neoliberalism has done to Australia. For decades, we have been led to believe that the private sector does everything better, that governments can't afford to provide the high-quality services they once did, but that security and prosperity for all are just around the corner. In fact, Australians are now less equal, millions of workers have no sick leave or paid holidays, and housing is unaffordable for many.

Deregulation, privatisation and trickle-down economics have, we are told, delivered us twenty-seven years of growth ... but to what end? Denniss looks at ways to renew our democracy and discusses everything from the fragmenting Coalition to an idea of the national interest that goes beyond economics.

This is a sparkling book of ideas, the perfect scene-setter for the upcoming federal election.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction Kochie's Book

Business & Finance

Kochie's 11-Step Money Plan For a Better Life

by David Koch

RRP: $29.99

Our Price: $22.50 | Save 25%

Kochie has spent years writing about money and talking to Australians from all walks of life about pretty much everything.

He knows how we think. He knows that most of us worry about sorting our finances, but few of us do it well, if at all. He knows that we avoid the task for many reasons, but not least because we can't get the right advice: it is either unnecessarily complex, unrealistically simplistic, or just not pertinent to our particular time of life.

So David Koch has written a book that is not too hard, not too easy, and tailored for the group that needs it most: high expense families on average incomes.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction Family Health

Advice for Parents

Teen Brain

by David Gillespie

RRP: $32.99

Our Price: $25.95 | Save 20%

With their labile and rapidly developing brains, adolescents are particularly susceptible to addiction, and addiction leads to anxiety and depression.

What few parents will know is that what we think of as the most typical addictions and problematic teen behaviours - smoking, drinking, drug taking, sex leading to teenage pregnancy - are on the decline.

The bad news is that a whole raft of addictions has taken their place. Whereas once the dopamine-hungry brain of a teenager got its fix from smoking a joint or sculling a Bundy and coke, it is now turning to electronic devices for the pleasure jolt that typically comes from online playing games and engaging with social media.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction Pete

Go Keto with Pete Evans

Easy Keto

by Pete Evans

RRP: $24.99

Our Price: $18.50 | Save 25%

The ketogenic diet - a style of eating that is low in carbs and rich in healthy fats - is a powerful way to transform your health, lose weight and find relief from common health problems. In this practical, one-stop guide, Pete Evans gives you the essential information you'll need to transition to this way of eating, including:
- The benefits of a keto diet
- Guidelines on carbohydrates found in common foods
- Eating, shopping and pantry tips
- More than 70 simple and delicious recipes

As always, Pete's recipes are quick, easy to make and full of bright, fresh flavours.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Small Garden Design

by Paul Bangay

RRP: $59.99

Our Price: $44.95 | Save 25%

Paul Bangay is renowned for the expansive and elegant gardens with classical lines and symmetrical plantings that he has created in Australia and all over the world. Yet gardens on this grand scale are not accessible to everyone. With more of us living in apartments, townhouses and terraces, our gardens are now being squeezed into small spaces such as balconies, courtyards, lightwells or rooftops - and this makes for challenging garden design.

In Small Garden Design, Paul applies his 25 years of experience with gardens of all sizes to reveal how best to structure, design and choose plants for small spaces. Chapters on Balconies & Terraces, Rooftops, Inner City, Lightwells and Courtyards are lavishly illustrated with photos by Simon Griffiths and enhanced with lots of practical tips on plant types, paving, irrigation, soil, outdoor dining, lighting and making the space appear larger. In this accessible and practical book, Paul shows us 'how to make the most of the small space you have, and how to transform it into the paradise that we all aspire to'.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction True Crime

The Award-Winning Pell Book Revised and Updated

Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell

by Louise Milligan with new foreword by Tom Keneally

RRP: $34.99

Our Price: $26.50 | Save 24%

Cardinal George Pell, Australia's most powerful Catholic, has been found guilty of five sexual crimes against children. He is the most senior Catholic figure in the world to be charged by police and convicted of child sex offences. The abuse involved choirboys at Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral. George Pell was a Ballarat boy who studied at Oxford and rose through the Catholic Church ranks to become adviser to Pope Francis and Vatican treasurer. He has been expelled from the Pope's inner circle of trusted cardinals. As an outspoken defender of church orthodoxy, supported and championed by the powerful, Pell's ascendancy was remarkable and seemingly unstoppable.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse brought to light horrific stories about sexual abuse of the most vulnerable, Pell portrayed himself as the first man in the Catholic Church to tackle the problem. But questions about what the Cardinal knew, and when, persisted. Louise Milligan pieces together decades of disturbing activities highlighting Pell's actions and cover-ups.

The book is a testament to the most intimate stories of complainants. Many people entrusted their secrets to be told here for the first time. Multi-award winning Cardinal reveals uncomfortable truths about a culture of sexual entitlement, abuse of trust and how ambition can silence evil.

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Buzz - Catalogue Non-Fiction Lavish

Illustrated Non-Fiction Pick

Ben Quilty

by Ben Quilty

RRP: $90.00

Our Price: $63.50 | Save 29%

A celebration of the last two decades of work from Australian artist Ben Quilty, to coincide with a major retrospective of his work. With a Foreword by Richard Flanagan

Ben Quilty has worked across a range of media including drawing, photography, sculpture, installation and film.

His works often respond to social and political events, from the current global refugee crisis to the complex social history of Australia; he is constantly critiquing notions of identity, patriotism and male rites of passage. Quilty is a past winner of the Archibald Prize for portraiture, the National Self-portrait prize, and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

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