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Australia is made up of people from all parts of the globe who have come to Australia seeking a better and safer life. 

We have created a collection of many of these amazing stories to help educators and to share the many stories of how people have come to Australia. It is an opportunity to celebrate the immense courage, resilience and the invaluable contributions made by refugees to the rich tapestry of Australian society.  

 What is a refugee? 

"Any person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his/her nationality and is unable, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself/herself of the protection of that country" -The Refugee Convention 1951 

Refugees & Displaced People - Adult Non-fiction

Stories of Courage and Resilience

Let Me Tell You My Story

Refugee Stories of Hope, Courage, and Humanity

by Various 

RRP: $44.99

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Spare, haunting, utterly magnificent, and profoundly human, the refugee stories inside this remarkable volume of exquisite photography will teach you that the surest way to draw humans together begins with the words 'I want to tell you my story...' 

Over the course of two years, a group of award-winning photographers, filmmakers, painters, and authors trailed and documented the flood of refugees pouring into the West from the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, recording the refugees' firsthand accounts of who they are and what made them refugees. 

Spare, haunting, utterly magnificent, and profoundly human, this inspiring collection creates a portrait of the greatest humanitarian crisis of modern history.

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Refugees & Displaced People - Their Stories

Their Stories

No Friend But the Mountains

Writing from Manus Prison

by Behrouz Boochani & Omid Tofighian

RRP: $32.99

Our Price: $24.50 | Save 26%

Where have I come from? From the land of rivers, the land of waterfalls, the land of ancient chants, the land of mountains...

Since 2013, Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani has been held in the Manus Island offshore processing centre. People would run to the mountains to escape the warplanes and found asylum within their chestnut forests...

This book is the result. Laboriously tapped out on a mobile phone and translated from the Farsi. It is a voice of witness, an act of survival. A lyric first-hand account. A cry of resistance. A vivid portrait through five years of incarceration and exile.

Do Kurds have any friends other than the mountains?

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Refugees & Displaced People - Fiction

Fictional Stories

Red Birds

by Mohammed Hanif

RRP: $29.99

Our Price: $23.75 | Save 21%

A powerful novel about war, family and love, from the bestselling, prize-winning author dubbed Pakistan 's brightest voice ' (Guardian)

An American pilot crash lands in the desert and takes refuge in the very camp he was supposed to bomb. Hallucinating palm trees and worrying about dehydrating to death isn't what Major Ellie expected from this mission.

Still, it's an improvement on the constant squabbles with his wife back home. In the camp, teenager Momo 's money-making schemes are failing. His brother left for his first day at work and never returned, his parents are at each other's throats, his dog is having a very bad day, and an aid worker has shown up wanting to research him for her book on the Teenage Muslim Mind.

Written with his trademark wit, keen eye for absurdity and telling important truths about the world today, Red Birds reveals master storyteller Mohammed Hanif at the height of his powers.

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Refugees & Displaced People - Books for Young Readers

Books for Younger Readers

We Are Displaced

by Malala Yousafzaii

RRP: $29.99

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Nobel Peace Prize winner and bestselling author Malala Yousafzai introduces some of the faces behind the statistics and news stories we read or hear every day about the millions of people displaced worldwide.

Malala's experiences travelling the world and visiting refugee camps caused her to reconsider her own displacement - first as an Internally Displaced Person when she was a young child in Pakistan, and then as an international activist who could travel anywhere in the world, except to the home she loved.

In We Are Displaced, which is part memoir, part communal storytelling, Malala not only explores her own story of adjusting to a new life while longing for home, but she also shares the personal stories of some of the incredible girls she has met on her various journeys -girls who have lost their community, relatives, and often the only world they've ever known.

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Refugees & Displaced People - Picture Books of Refugee Stories

Picture Books of Refugee Stories

Suri's Wall

by Lucy Estella and Matt Oatley

RRP: $14.99

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A moving tale of the power of the human spirit brought alive by Lucy Estela and award-winning illustrator Matt Ottley. 

Eva squeezed Suri's hand. 'What's there? What can you see?' 'What can I see?' Suri looked out over the wall. 'Oh, it's beautiful, let me tell you all about it.'

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