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It's been 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon.

A memorable moment in many lives and indeed “one giant leap for mankind”, this technological feat defined a new era for human civilisation, where we put a member of our species on another celestial body for the first time. 

This event continues to leave its influence on popular culture and enterprise, inspiring music, books and films, and enshrining in our language phrases such as “mission control”, “countdown” and “liftoff”(to name a few).  

National Science Week 2019 (10 - 18 August ) has the school theme of Destination Moon: more missions, more science.This theme is a way for teachers and their students to discover past missions to the Moon and space programs that have solved some of the seemingly unsolvable problems.

At a time when our species needs to achieve the impossible to survive, we celebrate the definitive success of teamwork and ingenuity that was the human spaceflight missions. Collected here are some of the best reads on the history, the people, and the tech, whilst not forgetting the awesome images of space exploration. This stuff is truly out of this world.

Moon Mission - Editor Picks

Moon Mission - History

The History

The story behind the moon landing is one of intense US-Soviet rivalry, scientific ambition, visionary leadership and determination.

The venture defined its time and entranced the world, but was the culmination of a daring (and sometimes reckless) chain of projects. Read about how Nazi rocketry led to cosmonaut dogs, the 'giant leap', space stations, trips to Mars and beyond.

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Moon Mission - The People

The People

Only a dozen humans have walked on the moon, but it took over 400.000 scientists and engineers to make it possible.

We salute the men and women who developed the technical means, crunched the numbers and did the testing, and the brave astronauts who put their lives on the line. From theoreticians and geniuses to mavericks and flight controllers, these stories are unique and compelling.

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Moon Mission - Women of Space Exploration

Women of Space Exploration

1586 craters on the moon are named after men, with only 28 named after women.

Many female contributors fell victim to the boy's club of science. These include the 'hidden figures' of the great project, the 'human computers' who made it work, the high performing astronauts grounded by discrimination, or the astronomers we failed to recognise. Read their inspiring stories.

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Moon Mission - The Pictures

The Pictures

When Apollo 8 took the stunning photograph of earth rising over the moon's surface, it quickly became the most influential environmental picture in history.

Buzz Aldrin famously described the lunar surface as one of 'magnificent desolation'.Using the best of cameras, the Apollo crews captured images that continue to amaze us and shift our perspective. A universe of beauty for your coffee table.

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Moon Mission - The Business

The Business

NASA is the very definition of high stakes project management.

The challenges of pushing a team to achieve the impossible, to step boldly into the unknown, and to remain agile enough to respond to crises, are lessons in high performance excellence. See the influence on venture management, HR, risk assessment and big sky thinking here, and get in the moonshot mode.

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Moon Mission - The Tech

The Techs and Specs

Perhaps one of the greatest engineering and scientific feats of all time, enabling humans to leave Earth and travel to another celestial body required the development of new capabilities that previously hadn't even been thought of. The new technologies have made their way into everyday life; from robotics and computer hardware, to transportation and health care industries.

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Moon Mission - Kids

Astronauting for Kids

Being an astronaut is one of the classic dreams.

To face the infinite ( with all the cool gear ) and triumph against danger for the good of all is the highest adventure. Younger readers will find the best in space science, thrills and yarns here. To infinity and beyond!

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Moon Mission - Rocket Women

Rocket Women : Inspiring Kids

Many inspirational women have been fundamental to the story of humans in space, from scientists to astronauts to some surprising roles in between.

Younger readers can learn about the unsung trailblazers behind the Apollo missions, from the astronauts breaking records on the International Space Station to those blazing the way in the race to get to Mars.

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Moon Mission - Moongazing & Astronomy

Moongazing & Astronomy

We live in a time of extraordinary exploration, constantly discovering more about the far reaches of space.

Closer to home our only natural satellite continues to fascinate. Grab some gear and look to the heavens. It's time to moongaze.

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Moon Mission - DVDs

Space DVDs

Celebrate all things space by exploring the universe on DVD!

Take a look at our favourites, with documentaries and films based on true stories to bring the wonders of space to life.

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