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Are you studying law at university? Do you need to know the difference between criminal law and civil procedure? A comprehensive understanding of the rules of evidence in NSW? The exact significance of Donoghue v Stevenson [1932]? Never fear - we’ve got everything a budding lawyer could ever need, whether you’re an undergraduate starting your LLB or studying for a juris doctor.

From textbooks and legal dictionaries to case materials, you can browse our extensive range that we’ve arranged by subject and find exactly what you’re looking for. Navigate the links below to find textbooks on criminal law, torts, equity & trusts, property law, company law, family law, administrative law, international law, intellectual property law, federal constitutional law, and more. We also have plenty of resources for understanding legal theory, precedent, jurisprudence, court processes, evidence law, case materials and commentary, current legislation, and more, plus a great range of study & revision guides.

We know that the law can change at any moment and how much it can vary from state to state, so we make sure that everything is up to date on our site. That way, you can rest assured that you’re buying the latest edition of the textbook that you need and focus on your studies.


Studying medicine can be challenging but so rewarding, and we’ve got you covered for any medical textbook emergencies so you can get right down to studying.

We know that you need to get it right the first time, from the pre-clinical examination to the pharmacological dosage. You need to know your epidemiology and your histology, understand the anaesthetics and the prognosis for therapy, whether you’ll be in general practice or intensive care. We’re here to make it easier for you to do just that - we have all the essential texts on the procedures and instruments required (we even stock medical charts!). Those people studying complementary medicine will also find everything that’s required; from acupuncture to chiropractic, herbal medicine, and osteopathy. We have specialist books for dentistry, sports medicine, and internal medicine, with definitive guides to medical imaging, radiology, and ECG monitoring.

You can navigate the links below to find textbooks on clinical and internal medicine, pre-clinical medicine, complementary medicine, surgery, and even veterinary medicine (domestic and farm). We’ve also got study guides to help you revise, as well as guides to medical terminology and anatomy.

Whatever you need, we’re here to get you prepped for your practice placement or the emergency room.


Are you on your way to becoming a registered nurse or preparing for a more senior role in healthcare? Whether you’re specialising in midwifery or geriatric care, we’re here to get you ready for your studies so that you can prepare for hands-on nursing placement and practice with confidence.

We’ve taken special care to round up every textbook you may possibly need to get through your nursing degree and organise them according to subject. Navigate the links below to find all the latest textbooks on pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, nursing research, nursing specialties, the nurse-patient relationship, nursing management, nursing sociology, community nursing and more. Our range also covers more specialised areas of nursing, such as primary care, neonatal care, midwifery, rehabilitation, geriatric care, psychology and more, and we also have a helpful selection of guides to medical terminology, instruments, dosage, anatomy, prescription, cardiac monitoring, trauma and orthopaedics, renal care, and much more.

Foster your skills in the field of critical care and enhance your knowledge with evidence-based practice guides that move beyond direct patient care to administration or leadership. Whether you’re a paramedic or a midwife, in a hospital placement or in allied health care, we can give you all the tools you need.


Are you a teacher in training? Look no further! We’ve got an excellent range of materials for everyone studying education at uni, whether you’re specialising in early childhood, primary, or secondary education.

Our wide range of education textbooks is categorised by specific subject areas - we cover adult education, specific education subjects, teaching skills, education psychology, philosophy of education, student care & counselling, and open learning, as well as guides to general study and learning skills. It’s never been easier to find the exact text that you need for your course.

We even have a great range of resources on topics like classroom management, literary & numeracy skills, Australian curriculum and syllabuses, lesson planning, formative assessment, visible learning, differentiated instruction methods, special education, classroom activity ideas, independent thinking, and more.

In addition to this, we have books with all the latest evidence-based research on behavioural science to help you discover the best ways to unlock potential in your future students and create a collaborative and inclusive learning environment for developing minds. Plan your class activities and lessons to encourage and reward, and lead your school with excellence.

Accounting, Business & Finance

For the future CEOs of Australia, look no further than our collection of textbooks on accounting, business and finance. We’re committed to helping today’s students become the corporate leaders of tomorrow by giving you all the tools you’ll need to build an accountable business from the ground up.

In our collection, you’ll find textbooks on core subjects like accounting, finance, corporate finance, economics, business & management, taxation and international business, as well as sales & marketing and advertising. Everything you will ever need to know about trading, cost accounting, profit, budgeting, bookkeeping, auditing, human resources, and investing can be found in our exhaustive range of textbooks, curated by hand and kept up to date with all new editions that are released to accommodate changes in corporate legislation and market movements.

We also know that success in business is often dependent on so much more than the numbers, so we have guidebooks on leadership, negotiation, innovation, and organisational theory for those students who will be digging down into the foundations of what makes a company really tick.

These textbooks will give you all the strategies you need to master the basics of business with confidence and take your degree to the next level.

Higher Education & Vocational Textbooks

Booktopia is fast becoming one of Australia’s most reliable suppliers of textbooks and educational resources for tertiary study. We stock textbooks and study guides from a wide range of academic publishers, covering subjects such as law, medicine, nursing, business & finance, education, science, and more. We hand-curate our collections based on current university and TAFE curricula, ensuring that everything we stock is up to date and ready to ship so all you ever have to worry about is turning up to class on time. With competitive prices and an extensive range, it’s never been easier for you to study.