The Lasting Connection : Developing Love and Compassion for Yourself and Your Partner - Michaela Thomas

The Lasting Connection

Developing Love and Compassion for Yourself and Your Partner

By: Michaela Thomas

Paperback | 22 February 2022 | Edition Number 1

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A love that lasts is all about choosing to stay connected.

Struggling with your relationship is normal. Many of us lash out at our partner, we blame them when things go wrong, and we fear rejection, criticism and failure. So how do you get back the kindness and connection that once made you both so close?

In The Lasting Connection, clinical psychologist and couples therapist Michaela Thomas explains her Pause-Purpose-Play method for strengthening the connection between couples through brain science, mindfulness, compassion, values and playfulness.

Learn how:
  • To build a stronger foundation for your relationship
  • To soothe yourself to make everyday interactions smoother
  • Past experiences may be influencing your current situation
  • To be more compassionate with yourself and your partner
  • To deepen your connection with the one you love
Are you ready to start on the first chapter of your new story together?

About the Author

Michaela Thomas is a clinical psychologist, couples therapist and founder of The Thomas Connection. Michaela helps high-striving busy people find balance over burnout, so they can live, love and work in a more meaningful way. She is on a mission of showing couples how to stay compassionate and connected even when feeling under pressure, using her couples compassion courses and therapy.
Industry Reviews
'In The Lasting Connection, Michaela Thomas guides us, with wisdom and heart, towards more compassion for our partners and ourselves. With a perfect blend of science, exercises and storytelling, this is a book I'll return to again and again for keeping my relationship strong' - Chloe Brotheridge, author of The Anxiety Solution

'Relationships are wonderful, but can also bring great distress and pain. In this wonderfully helpful and timely book, Michaela Thomas guides the reader through developing more compassion for ourselves and others can be the bedrock upon which couples can build a healthy, happy, lasting connection together. Highly recommended' - Chris Irons, clinical psychologist and author of The Compassionate Mind Workbook

'This book will change lives. COVID has had such an impact on relationships and this book provides really valuable and important guidance for people who might not otherwise feel they have the confidence to push for counselling or therapy' Anya Hayes, author of The Supermum Myth

'This is a magnificent, powerful and nurturing book - a catalyst for good! Whether you're looking to strengthen your bonds, repair your relationship, make sense of disconnection or end a relationship with compassion, this book is for you. Michaela tenderly and expertly offers us a road map to connection and understanding in a relationship. Her suggestions are inspiring, practical and relatable while being anchored in theory. I highly recommend this healing resource to you' - Suzy Reading, psychologist and author of Self-Care for Tough Times

'Captures the essence of what it means to have a healthy and loving relationship and is a must read for any individual wanting to create a secure partnership. This book will help you understand your flammability in your relationship and how to create compassion for yourself and your partner - two key pieces that we must have in our relationships. I will continue to recommend this over and over again to couples' - Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Clinical Psychologist and Couples Therapist

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