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The Glow Code : A Cheat Sheet for Feeling, Looking, and Being Your Best at Any Age - Michelle McIvor

The Glow Code

A Cheat Sheet for Feeling, Looking, and Being Your Best at Any Age

By: Michelle McIvor

Paperback | 18 June 2024

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The Glow Code is an entertaining and engaging lifestyle manual offering concrete, actionable advice from women experts across many fields to help women aged 35 and beyond navigate midlife, feel great and age well. It answers all the pressing questions women in this age category have. Does collagen powder prevent wrinkles? Do I need to give up the side part? Cardio or weights? Is there a trick to ordering good wine? Or buying art? What's a face serum? And what happened to my eyebrows? (I miss them.) Am I a good friend? In a world rife with information, women need a passionate advocate to sift through all the misinformation and product endorsements to figure out what works. Enter: Michelle McIvor. A veteran health-and-wellness journalist, Michelle has compiled and curated simple and effective habits, strategies, and life edits to help women everywhere complete their glow-up. To do this, she's vetted and interviewed experts, trailblazers, and maverick thinkers (think: Emmy Award-winning makeup artists, renowned fitness experts, scientists, and psychologists), and grouped their advice by topic (fitness, skincare, sex, friendships, life hacks, etc.). What's more, she's tried each piece of advice to report back on the good, bad, funny, and strange, thus not only informing but entertaining readers. Ultimately, The Glow Code offers a joyous engagement with and exploration of aging. For women, middle age is a time of transformation, reflection, and reckoning. The advice they're looking for isn't fluffy and aspirational but concrete and positive. In particular, they want to make changes that light them up and make them feel their most beautiful, alive and realized selves. Covering a wide range of women's magazine topics but with deeper insight and sound advice, The Glow Code is the cheat sheet to aging well for those with minimum free time but maximum ambition to feel, look and live better now, in midlife and beyond.
Industry Reviews

The Glow Code has changed my life, from the way I apply eyeliner to how I think about aging. It's more than a cheat sheet. It's a much-needed manifesto for women who want to make the most of their lives. Invite Michelle McIvor into your world. She'll become your smartest, funniest girlfriend who always has your back.

The Glow Code sparkles with sage advice, scientifically vetted and winningly shared. Wise, witty, and charming, Michelle McIvor is the friend we all wish would sit us down and give us the scoop on being our best selves.

Journalist McIvor presents a comprehensive and chatty guide for "aging gratefully" that addresses such topics as skin care, body acceptance, sleep, creativity, and makeup application. When turning 40 brought wrinkles, back pain, and "burning questions about aging," the author sought out "experts, trailblazers, and maverick thinkers" for advice tailored to women in midlife. An exercise psychologist's recommendation to prioritize muscle health spurred her to adopt a high-intensity interval training routine that "added two pounds of muscle" and increased her energy. Other experts recommended she conduct a friendship "audit," motivating the author to reconnect with a long-lost friend, let go of an unhealthy relationship, and prioritize existing bonds. McIvor has a journalist's curiosity and a penchant for the nitty-gritty, which proves an advantage in the detailed lists of skin-care products and step-by-step instructions for such tricky matters as comforting someone who's grieving... [H]er message that women need not have it all figured out by the time they hit 40--and that they're not vain for caring about fashion, beauty, or creative passions--resonates. Middle-aged women will find this a valuable resource.

Journalist Michelle McIvor's The Glow Code is a factual, friendly guide to enjoying and enhancing life in middle age. With the goal of empowering women and helping them feel better about aging in their own skins, this book draws on interviews with experts (most of them women) regarding aging. McIvor acted as a guinea pig with their tips, enacting advice on the best workouts, how to be a good friend, how to get better sleep, and how to control bad habits in her life. She engaged in weight training until she oozed "bad-ass, superwoman vibes"; she also recalibrated her love life, engaging in "no-frills sex. There's no prep work needed. No lit candles. No fancy moves. This is come-as-you-are sex." From chapter to chapter, there's health related advice for attaining better skin, getting enough protein in one's diet, and curbing alcohol use; this comes alongside lifestyle suggestions to make entertaining, investing, and decluttering easier. The chapter on looking one's best includes helpful product recommendations for moisturizer and make-up, too. And such encouraging tips are bolstered by personable humor and a little swearing. The Glow Code is a holistic, approachable guide to approaching middle age with verve.

Michelle McIvor has taken it upon herself to empower women by digging deep to find accurate, female-specific information. By encompassing the views of multiple experts, this book offers a wealth of knowledge that any woman can use to improve her everyday life!

Who wouldn't want to "glow"? Canadian journalist McIvor interviewed more than 40 people about how to age gracefully. After all, she's just found her first gray eyebrow hair. She is funny and serious about how it's possible to be "proud, strong women" who improve the world and still want gorgeous skin and a fashionable wardrobe. She discusses exercise; she feels the best following the LHS advice of Stacy Sims PhD. Other advice: avoid wearing eye makeup on or below lower lashes, cultivate friends, and cut back on alcohol, which accelerates the rate at which the human brain shrinks. Identify your triggers, try to remove them from your life, and establish a detailed plan on how you'll behave when faced with them. Trouble sleeping? Set a timer for 20 minutes of "worry time." When it goes off, no more fretting allowed. Sex, with lubricant, is good. So is comforting someone who's grieving and being a good listener. "I am so sorry" is always a winner. So are pleasant emails with closes like, "Warmest regards." You glow, girl!

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