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Your Weight Is Not the Problem : A simple, no-diet plan for healthy habits that stick - Lyndi Cohen

Your Weight Is Not the Problem

A simple, no-diet plan for healthy habits that stick

By: Lyndi Cohen

Paperback | 10 January 2023

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An evidence-based guide to breaking your fixation with weight, with simple strategies to make peace with your body and build healthy habits that actually matter.

'Forthright and liberating. I want to press this book into the hands of every woman.'
Turia Pitt

Our constant fixation with losing weight is exhausting. We're stuck in a vicious diet cycle, gaining weight after each failed attempt and never feeling good enough. Diet culture and unattainable #bodygoals contribute to burnout, overwhelm and feeling out of control around food. It's time to embrace a new approach.

In Your Weight is not the Problem, nutritionist and dietitian Lyndi Cohen offers a simple plan to break free from the dieting trap with small, doable healthy habits you can stick to no matter how busy life gets. Her evidence-based strategies will help you find freedom with food and build a trusting, healthy relationship with your body. Because health and happiness aren't about having a perfectly flat stomach or a cellulite-free tush. They're about feeling comfortable in your skin and having the energy to do the things you love.

Liberate yourself from food guilt and self-blame with a new approach to health that doesn't rely on willpower or counting calories, because you can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

About the Author

Lyndi Cohen is a nutritionist and dietitian who ditched diets after finally realising that it wasn't worth sacrificing 95 per cent of her life to weigh 5 per cent less. Known as the Nude Nutritionist for her honest, back-to-basics approach, she's built a dedicated following by calling out nutrition nonsense and promoting real health and body acceptance. She is the resident nutritionist on Channel 9's TODAY show, a columnist for Mamamia and host of the podcast No Wellness Wankery, and is a regularly featured expert on, Kidspot, body+soul, The Sydney Morning Herald and elsewhere.

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