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Beyond Booze : How to create a life you love, alcohol-free - Sarah Rusbatch

Beyond Booze

How to create a life you love, alcohol-free

By: Sarah Rusbatch

Paperback | 30 January 2024

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The goal isn't to be sober. The goal is to love yourself so much you don't need to drink.

For decades we have been sold the idea that alcohol is our 'reward' at the end of a busy day. Not only do we use it to celebrate and commiserate, but we rely on it to relieve the stress and exhaustion of the daily grind - to help us switch off, switch on, numb emotions, enhance emotions and everything in between. We use it for self-care, for socialising, for time for ourselves.

We are drinking more than ever, and it affects our physical and mental wellbeing in ways we don't even realise. Even low alcohol consumption negatively impacts our sleep, anxiety levels, weight and skin, not to mention our mood and mindset. If you're sick and tired of feeling 5 out of 10 most days and can't remember when you last felt energised, optimistic or motivated, know that you're not alone.

Creating a life without alcohol can feel too hard and more than a little scary. In a culture so captivated with booze, in a society that sells alcohol to us everywhere we turn, can we really remove it altogether and still be happy? The answer is absolutely YES, and this book will show you how.

Packed full of guidance, support and practical tools, Beyond Booze will help you create a life you love so much that you no longer need to drink. It's not so much about how to take alcohol out, but rather what to add in to create a more fulfilling, purposeful and contented life. It's about finding your way back to feeling 10 out of 10, and falling in love with life - and yourself - without booze.

About the Author

Sarah Rusbatch is a certified Women's Health and Wellbeing Coach, an accredited Grey Area Drinking Coach and a key-note speaker sharing her journey to sobriety and the impact of alcohol on mental health to global audiences. After developing a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol, Sarah made the decision to remove alcohol from her life in early 2019 and has never looked back. She now works with women across the globe, guiding them from feeling lost, stuck and out of control to a healthier and happier way of living. She's the host of a thriving, global online community (The Women's Wellbeing Collective), which offers a safe space where women feel seen and understood. Her programs are designed for real life. She equips women with the tools they need to break the cycle of unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms, and her experience, knowledge and passion have transformed lives. Sarah lives in Perth, Australia, and Beyond Booze is her first book.
Industry Reviews
'This powerful, practical, inspiring and transformative book offers a clear roadmap to not only a life without booze, but a life that is truly fulfilling and joyful.' - Dr Helena Popovic MBBS

'If you've ever worried about your relationship with alcohol, then Sarah is your very best friend. Beyond Booze is totally non-judgemental and incredibly helpful, and Sarah is a joy and an inspiration.' - Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries

'Sarah Rusbatch combines her lived experience, extensive research and the stories of all the women she's helped to show you how you too can create the life you want without alcohol.' - William Porter, author of Alcohol Explained

'For anyone questioning their relationship with alcohol, this book is a must-read. It's empathetic, inspiring and full of practical ideas and tools that might just change your life.' - Zoe Blaskey, founder of Motherkind

'By exploring the deeper meanings behind why women drink, Sarah Rusbatch helps women find new ways to cope with the complexities of their lives and offers hope, clarity and a new path forward.' - Dr Wendy Sweet PhD, My Menopause Transformation

'With a deeply personal and compassionate approach, Sarah leaves no stone unturned when it comes to breaking through the barriers to cutting down on alcohol. She explores the root causes, asks the tough questions, and provides lasting and life-enriching solutions. I recommend Sarah's book to all my patients who want to change their relationship with alcohol and discover their best selves.' - Dr Helena Popovic MBBS, medical practitioner, leading authority on brain health, and best-selling author 

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