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Making Sense of Change Management : A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change - Esther Cameron

Making Sense of Change Management

A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change

By: Esther Cameron, Mike Green

Paperback | 3 January 2024 | Edition Number 6

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How can organizations effectively navigate times of change? This book provides comprehensive guidance on adapting mindsets, structures and strategies to achieve success. Without relying on assumed knowledge, Making Sense of Change Management covers the theories and models of change management and connects them to workable techniques that organizations of all types and sizes can use to adapt to tough market conditions. The updated sixth edition includes an introduction to emerging regenerative mindsets around change that will help meet the urgency of change during crises. There is coverage of how COVID-19, remote work and the focus on compassionate leadership has affected the way change is managed in organizations. This definitive, bestselling text in the field shows how to succeed by changing strategies, structures, mindsets, behaviours and expectations of staff and managers. Supported by thoughtful and provocative questions at the end of each chapter, as well as checklists, tips and summaries to apply knowledge in practice, Making Sense of Change Management remains essential reading for both students and practitioners who are currently part of, or leading, a change initiative. Online resources include international case study question packs and lecture slides with further reflective questions.

Industry Reviews
"This new edition is willing to look deeply into the inner changes needed to enable us to take positive action in the world. Drawing on multiple sources, it provides practical suggestions for leaders and individuals to enhance and leverage our capacities to effect global action at every level, on behalf of all life." * Hilary Bee, Facilitator at Time to Breathe, Poet and Author of 'Enter Here Beloved' *
"Making Sense of Change Management has become something of a reliable best friend over the years; practical, thorough, reflective and, most of all, useful as a complete guide to all facets of change management. The sixth edition now includes topical chapters on the external and internal processes of moving towards a sustainable future for the generations to come, arguably the most important challenge that we face in our current times. At heart, it wisely remains what has made it so successful over the years, the sheer depth and breadth of its coverage of the field. For me, it remains the 'go-to' book when I want to expand my thinking, reflect on practical implementation or as a comprehensive refresher across the field." * Dr Robert Gorzynski, Founder, Voices of Connection, author of 'The Strategic Mind' *
"This book has long provided an invaluable toolkit for any change leader. The latest edition now equips change leaders to not only increase effectiveness, productivity or profitability but also to lead their organization to be part of the solution and not the problem as we seek to overcome the polycrisis society is now facing. By adopting the ecosystem as a guiding metaphor, it powerfully argues that change leaders now need to work on their inner transformation if they are to effectively lead this outer transformation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a positive difference to their organization and our society." * Terence Sexton, Director, Aqumens Consulting Ltd and Author of 'Consciousness Beyond Consumerism' *
"Whether you are overwhelmed by the speed of change expected of you or daunted by the prospect of leading the change that is necessary or aware of the complexity of change required to meet your goals in these challenging times, this is the resource you need. This revised edition is comprehensive, deeply informed, accessible, practical and visionary. It makes sense of what can seem incomprehensible and makes possible what feels insurmountable." * Lynne Tarrab-Snooks, Co-founder of The Thrive Approach, Academic Consultant and Life Coach *
"This delightful book offers leaders and those who work within change management and coaching a wonderful gift of support in today's challenging and traumatised world. The authors unequivocally lay out some of the challenges ahead in leadership both on the micro and macro level. They prompt us to reflect on the complex systems we are part of and the sustainability of these in relation to the world, planet and humane crisis we are living in. I particularly appreciate this new edition of the book bringing forward the need for regenerative principles to guide our work as leaders." * Helen-Jane Ridgeway, Clinical Director Tamalpa-UK and Coach for Organizations *
"As the world becomes more VUCA, both outside and inside our businesses, change management will only make sense through a regenerative lens. Cameron and Green offer profound insights into how we just might engage business in this regenerative journey towards a viable planet, sharing innovative approaches from some of the most forward thinkers as well as experience from pioneering regenerative organizations." * William Adeney, Management Consultant/Accompanier; Managing Director of Shipped by Sail and Co-founder, Wessex Green Hub *
"The most challenging change to manage is a change in paradigm. Yet that's what we are awakening to in the first half of the 21st century: not just an era of change, but a change in era. Making Sense of Change Management offers a practical guide to help us not simply manage this change, but to dance with it." * John Fullerton, Founder of Capital Institute *
"In these times of polycrisis, this updated and revised edition offers a compelling and urgent message to change agents, change managers and change makers: 'business as usual' is not an option." * Liz Goold, Executive and Leadership Team Coach, Mediator and Facilitator of Citizens' Assemblies *
"A veritable cornucopia which clearly seats change management in the regenerative and societal challenges of today. Through inviting and insightful questions, based on rigorous and clearly explained research, this book asks us to actively engage and experiment out in the world both with the tools, techniques and case studies provided, and our own inner landscapes as (would-be) change agents." * James Barlow, Co-Founder of Leading Through Storms CIC; former Responsible, Sustainable and Safe Sourcing Director, PepsiCo. *

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Published: 3rd January 2024

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