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Virtuous Educational Leadership : Doing the Right Work the Right Way - Viviane Robinson
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Virtuous Educational Leadership

Doing the Right Work the Right Way

By: Viviane Robinson

Paperback | 26 October 2022 | Edition Number 1

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Excellent leadership matters

Without excellent leadership, school improvement is impossible, or at least impossible to sustain. But what are the characteristics of an excellent leader? Is general leadership experience and knowledge enough? And how do you practically grow and develop leadership in yourself and others so you can all have a bigger impact on student outcomes?

This integrated, holistic resource explores the virtues that are integral to achieving excellence in educational leadership, while offering practical guidance on how to do the right work in the right way—no matter what challenges you face or student inequities you’re trying to overcome. Features include:
  • Practical, research-based applications of virtue theory
  • Examples of school leaders’ thinking and actions
  • In-depth yet accessible theoretical analysis
  • Detailed analysis showing theoretical concepts in practice
  • Summaries and reflection questions
The success of your students and teachers is directly linked to your influence, your knowledge and ideas, your personal character, and your ability to focus on the proper purposes of education.
Industry Reviews
No one combines novel insights and precise ideas like Viviane Robinson. Robinson is as comfortable around the details of the trees as she is in stepping back to take in the forest. You won't find a more unique and powerful book on leadership-one suited exactly for our times-than Virtuous Educational Leadership. -- Michael Fullan * Toronto, Ontario, Canada *
In Virtuous Educational Leadership, Viviane Robinson has made explicit what I have often described as an X factor in leadership-something that distinguishes excellent leaders from the rest. Her description and portrayal of virtuous leadership provides insights into the dispositions that underpin wise leadership. -- Anne Berit Emstad * Trondheim, Norway *
Viviane Robinson is one of my favorite educational leadership researchers and writers, and this book illustrates so well why that is so. The school leader plays an essential role in engaging students in deep learning. Robinson offers invaluable insights for how to foster this type of learning through virtuous leadership. -- Peter DeWitt * Albany, NY *
Virtuous Educational Leadership is a gift for all of us searching for guidance in school leadership development. It is both inspiring and practical. Viviane Robinson promotes leadership excellence by showing how virtues are at the very core of leadership and how crucial they are in the face of today's educational challenges. -- Anna Jolonch * Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain *
Making a positive change in any role, from teacher to principal, requires both a 'what' and a 'how.' Virtuous Educational Leadership provides a framework for identifying the 'what' (collaborative complex problem-solving) and approaching the 'how' (virtuous leadership). With Viviane Robinson's characteristic depth and rigor, the ideas hidden in these pages will empower leaders worldwide." -- Oliver Lovell * Victoria, Australia *
Virtuous Educational Leadership is a comprehensive examination of the complex world of school leadership. It draws upon research from a wide range of disciplines, supported by rich analysis, of examples of the work of leaders. Voices from the front lines are expertly interwoven throughout. I highly recommend it. -- Tom Rees * Manchester, UK *
Educational leaders inhabit a world that expects simplicity to be curated from complexity, certainty from unpredictability, coherence from chaos. And, while the existing literature on educational leadership contains plenty of advice and its recommendations seem intuitively compelling, it is, ultimately, lacking in actionable specificity. Thankfully, Virtuous Educational Leadership is a work of deep practical wisdom that is anchored in theory, acknowledges the critical importance of context, and illustrates clearly how educational leadership is not simply about doing the right work of leadership but also about doing it in the right way. -- Stuart Kime * Sunderland, UK *

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