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Bulletproof Problem Solving : The One Skill That Changes Everything - Charles Conn

Bulletproof Problem Solving

The One Skill That Changes Everything

By: Charles Conn, Robert McLean

Paperback | 8 February 2019 | Edition Number 1

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This book is featured in our Be Your Best! page, a collection of the best books to help you unlock your career potential

This book is featured in our Business Books for Excellence page, a collection of the best books to help you work, communicate and manage better. Visit to see the best in business excellence.

Product Description

Complex problem solving is the core skill for 21st Century Teams

Complex problem solving is at the very top of the list of essential skills for career progression in the modern world. But how problem solving is taught in our schools, universities, businesses and organizations comes up short. In Bulletproof Problem Solving: The One Skill That Changes Everything you’ll learn the seven-step systematic approach to creative problem solving developed in top consulting firms that will work in any field or industry, turning you into a highly sought-after bulletproof problem solver who can tackle challenges that others balk at.

The problem-solving technique outlined in this book is based on a highly visual, logic-tree method that can be applied to everything from everyday decisions to strategic issues in business to global social challenges. The authors, with decades of experience at McKinsey and Company, provide 30 detailed, real-world examples, so you can see exactly how the technique works in action. With this bulletproof approach to defining, unpacking, understanding, and ultimately solving problems, you’ll have a personal superpower for developing compelling solutions in your workplace.

  • Discover the time-tested 7-step technique to problem solving that top consulting professionals employ
  • Learn how a simple visual system can help you break down and understand the component parts of even the most complex problems
  • Build team brainstorming techniques that fight cognitive bias, streamline workplanning, and speed solutions
  • Know when and how to employ modern analytic tools and techniques from machine learning to game theory
  • Learn how to structure and communicate your findings to convince audiences and compel action

The secrets revealed in Bulletproof Problem Solving will transform the way you approach problems and take you to the next level of business and personal success.

About the Authors

Charles Conn (Oxford, UK) is CEO of the Rhodes Scholarships in Oxford. Previously, he was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, led a technology start-up to its IPO, and was an early team lead at the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation in San Francisco.

Robert McLean (Australia) is a Senior Adviser at McKinsey and Company. He led the Australian and New Zealand McKinsey practice for eight years and served on the firm's global Director's Committee.

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