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The Emotional Overdraft : 10 simple changes for balancing business success and wellbeing - Andy Brown

The Emotional Overdraft

10 simple changes for balancing business success and wellbeing

By: Andy Brown

Paperback | 23 January 2024

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Is it possible to run a successful business without sacrificing your mental and physical health?

Most business owners and leaders have a habit of overcoming their company's challenges at the expense of their own wellbeing. They work long hours, try to do too many things, and struggle to reconcile the excitement of the early days with the stress and exhaustion they feel now. Their businesses may be profitable, but those profits have come at a high personal cost. In other words, they've run up an emotional overdraft.

If this is you, you can be sure that not only is this damaging for your health, it's also masking some of the issues that need to be resolved in your business. Because reducing your emotional overdraft is as much of a lifesaver for your company as it is for you.

While it's common to feel this way, it's not inevitable. This book explains why you've run up an emotional overdraft and how you can reduce it, so that you can create a healthier relationship with your business, your loved ones, and yourself. In the process, you'll be helping your company to thrive in ways you could never imagine - and without having to try so hard.

Andy Brown is an award-winning adviser and coach for people-based businesses, helping them to grow sustainably and increase their value.

Industry Reviews

Andy's practical advice on recognising and managing the signs of emotional fatigue is a lifeline. This book shows that you can achieve business success without compromising your health and happiness...Andy's insights are akin to having a wise business mentor in your pocket. - Amazon 5*

I challenge anyone not to find something within these pages that doesn't just enhance their work life or their entire life in some meaningful way. Engaging, transformative, and truly inspiring-this book is a must-have for anyone looking to understand some of the chaos that at times run riot in our creative minds. - Amazon 5*

A simple, yet powerful way to understand and practically create both balance and success in business as well as maintaining our own wellbeing. - Amazon 5*

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