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Keto Essentials : 150 Ketogenic Recipes to Revitalize, Heal, and Shed Weight - Vanessa Spina

Keto Essentials

150 Ketogenic Recipes to Revitalize, Heal, and Shed Weight

By: Vanessa Spina

Paperback | 7 November 2017

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Keto Essentials is a complete guide to the latest whole-foods diet trend on everyone’s lips: the ketogenic diet. Vanessa Spina, also known as the Ketogenic Girl, breaks down the science behind the keto diet into an easy-to-digest, step-by-step guide to understanding and following a keto lifestyle. Her approach to keto is based on using real, whole foods to restore the body to optimal health while enjoying the taste and flavor of foods like never before.

Stacked with all the facts people need to know to improve their health, detox, and lose weight with ease, Keto Essentials also includes 100-plus delicious and simple keto recipes, as well as a seven-day meal plan to get people started on the ketogenic way of life.

About the Author

Vanessa Spina is an author and advocate for the ketogenic way of life. She is also the founder of Ketogenic Girl (, which provides effective ketogenic meal plans and coaching for weight loss and healing. Vanessa has coached over 2,300 people to date in her program based on the therapeutic approach to keto on her 28 Day Ketogenic Girl challenge program. She is passionate about the power of food not only to satisfy and delight us, but also to heal our bodies. Spina is the founder of the blog Ketogenic Girl. Spina is passionate about democratizing health for everyone, with a whole foods Ketogenic diet and believes that optimal health should be accessible to all, with simple and affordable preventative nutrition instead of expensive surgeries or drugs.
Industry Reviews
"One of the first things you learn in Keto Essentials is that keto is so much more than a diet, in fact it isn't a diet at all, it's a long-term lifestyle based on whole foods that yields positive results for life. Vanessa focuses on reaching your goals with compassion, healing your body with nutrient-dense foods, and delivers concepts in a with clear instruction, simple information and easy recipes. With the dairy-free, nut-free and egg-free options, many of the recipes are accessible to all!" --Leanne Vogel, International Bestseller of The Keto Diet
"Food is medicine. Vanessa Spina's new book brings savory and delicious recipes to the table, perfect for those following a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Nutrient dense real food satiates and provides the framework for chronic disease prevention and better health. I look forward to sharing these recipes with my patients."--Jeffry N. Gerber, MD Denver's Diet Doctor
"I have been eagerly awaiting this book by Vanessa Spina to hit the shelves! The ketogenic diet is the fastest-growing diet out there, and we encourage all of our fasting patients to stay as ketogenic as possible to help them achieve weight-loss and improve their metabolic biomarkers. The biggest challenge is learning to cook with new ingredients and finding uncomplicated ketogenic menu options. Vanessa Spina has always been my go-to resource for our intermittent fasting clients to help them come up with well-balanced ketogenic meals that are almost effortless to create. She has worked with over 2,300 people in her ketogenic diet program based on the therapeutic ketogenic approach, which gives her the experience and insight into what really works for getting into ketosis. This book will be a resource we highly recommend to our patients to help them along their ketogenic journey!"--Megan Ramos, Co-Founder and Director of the Intensive Dietary Management Program
"This book is a must-have for everyone following a healthy ketogenic diet. Vanessa has a wonderful skil of combining great flavours and created a variety of unique and healthy low-carb recipes that will satisfy even the most picky eaters. From meals inspired by world cuisine, to quick & easy keto staples, everyone will find their favourite dish!"--Martina Slajerova, Author of the KetoDiet CookBook and founder of the KetoDiet blog and KetoDiet App.
"Vanessa Spina has the ability to weave together the science of nutrition with the aesthetics of a ketogenic lifestyle by blending together tasty recipes and information on a ketogenic lifestyle for people who are interested in maintaining lasting health. This book illustrates not only that food is the most powerful medicine but it can be delicious too! In this collection of delicious recipes, you have what you need to jumpstart your healing today!"--John Limansky, MD Keto Doctor
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