Sweet Leads : Harness the Prospecting Power of Linkedin and Email to Fill Your Calendar with Qualified, High-Value B2B Meetings - Dancho Dimkov

Sweet Leads

Harness the Prospecting Power of Linkedin and Email to Fill Your Calendar with Qualified, High-Value B2B Meetings

By: Dancho Dimkov

Paperback | 12 August 2021

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If you are a B2B high-ticket service provider seeking to grow, you need cost-effective outreach to your ideal clients.

Sweet Leads is the perfect guide to identifying, approaching and nurturing prospects who need your solutions or you are looking to partner with. Using the proven six-step ZZ

Framework, this concise handbook gives you the tools and know-how to plan, execute and optimise your outreach campaign.

Read this book to discover how to:

⢠ Simplify your B2B prospecting process

⢠ Attract and engage with strong, quality leads

⢠ Create an effective message strategy and copy framework

⢠ Build lasting relationships with your target clients

⢠Take your business to the next level

Industry Reviews

'I've been a Professor of Management for more than 15 years, and I'm still overwhelmed when I meet a new idea. This is not just a new idea. This is a great idea.'

- Prof Marjan I Bojadjiev, PhD, Provost of University American College, Skopje

'This is not just another sales book. This is the personal insight of a bold professional who provides his own experience, dilemmas and solutions, sometimes against dogmatic marketing paradigms. If you are a B2B consultant, this book is written just for you. Excellent book, modern topic, dynamic, educational, easy to read. Strongly recommended.'

- Vlatko Danilov, MSc, President of the Management Consulting Association

'Fantastic read! I caught myself taking screenshots of parts of the book, some of which focused on strategies that I couldn't wait to share with my partners. Other highlights were must-have how-to guides that are of tremendous help to my team.'

- Borjan Sandrevski, Co-Founder and COO at Fabricca

'Extremely useful and insightful book filled with plenty of real-life examples of how to acquire new clients for your digital marketing agency. I wish I'd had this book when we started our agency three years ago.'

- Blagoj Gjelevski, Co-Founder at Tivius Productions

'Dancho gives entrepreneurs and start-ups the arsenal to compete against the market leaders in the digital age. He provides actionable insight and a step-by-step guide to automating the sales process.'

- Igor Madzov, Programme Director and Co-Founder at Startup Macedonia

'This was an excellent read. Very few writers can simplify B2B lead generation - I loved it!'

- Michael Adonteng, Coaches & Mentors Unwrapped

'As I was reading the book, I realised that I need a dedicated employee in my law office that will focus on putting Dancho's steps into practice.'

- Aleksov Dejan, Owner of Aleksov

'Consultants always find it hard to market themselves. The ZZ approach, with its six-step model, simply put, should be an eye-opener to all. It was a great simple read while delivering a step-bystep guide. Thank you, Dancho.'

- Reema Nasser, Executive Director at The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

'GREAT book! I really love how the frameworks all fit together - I haven't seen that before and it's a great idea. I will wholeheartedly recommend Dancho's book to both my students and my fellow consultants. It's one of the best books I've read on marketing, and that says a lot.'

- Joe O'Mahoney, Professor of Consulting at Cardiff University

'The bible for digital sales outreach and how to get actual results.'

- Martin Martinez, Founder of MeetAlfred.com

'Wow! I am genuinely impressed with this outreach framework. Dancho managed to find the perfect balance between automation and manual nurture within the outreach process.'

- Gerard Compte, Founder of FindThatLead.com and Scrab.in

'Dancho does a great job of distilling great and necessary information for business leaders to succeed with their prospecting efforts. The beauty of this book is that Dancho is able to make his strategy and concepts easy to understand so that leaders cannot just read the book but use it as an action-oriented playbook.'

- Gresham Hark

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