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Kogan Page Complete : Build Your Confidence, Communication and Creativity at Work - Neil Mullarkey

Kogan Page Complete

Build Your Confidence, Communication and Creativity at Work

By: Neil Mullarkey

Paperback | 3 June 2023 | Edition Number 1

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There are moments throughout our lives when our confidence and creativity can make all the difference. Discover how to transform your career and grow your network by finding success In The Moment. Every meeting, presentation and conversation is an opportunity to embrace your confidence and show your creative flair. With insights on collaboration, risk-taking and organization, this book arms you with a complete repertoire of powerful communication tricks and strategies. As both a communication expert and a renowned comedian, Neil Mullarkey is uniquely qualified to demonstrate how you can develop your creativity, communication and confidence in your professional life. With incisive case studies and witty observations, In the Moment is an engaging and illuminating guide to success.

Industry Reviews
"A creative masterclass for every moment." * Mike Myers *
"Neil Mullarkey is the master of the moment and this book weaves together his planet-sized brain and funny bones with uber practical ideas to bring magic to the mundane." * Caroline Goyder, author of 'Gravitas' *
"Neil Mullarkey has done the unthinkable: he's managed to write a book about improvisation and business that is devoid of cliches. In the Moment provides practical insights to unlock the creativity and innovation of your best self." * Kelly Leonard, VP, Creative Strategy, Innovation and Business Development, The Second City *
"Innovative, smart, practical, original, and above all, a fun read." * Nigel Nicholson, Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School *
"This masterpiece gives you the tools to seamlessly blend structure and creativity, unleashing untapped potential and heralding a new age of unprecedented accomplishment." * Stephen Shapiro, innovation expert and author *
"In a world that's more volatile and uncertain than ever, businesses need people who can communicate with confidence. This is what Neil does and he teaches it brilliantly." * Matt Brittin, President, Google EMEA *
"Neil Mullarkey has written a masterpiece on how to improve your spontaneity to increase momentum at work." * Mark Bowden, author and communication coach *
"This book has everything. It shares a message we all need to hear about leadership in the moment and in virtual times. We should risk winning if we are to build the world we all want to live in." * Dr Jacqui Taylor, Founder & CEO, FlyingBinary *
"A concise, powerful read that redefines collaboration and communication, perfect for professionals eager to thrive in today's dynamic landscape." * Michelle Taite, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Intuit Mailchimp *
"Technical ability and knowledge is important but not enough. It's about the people, relationships, communication and respect. Neil takes you on a journey of stories and practical tips essential for today's leaders." * Dr Lynne Maher, Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Tasmania *
"Discover the full importance of human ingenuity and relationships at work. Neil's unique approach makes this both a fun and insightful read." * Ben Renshaw, leadership thinker and author *
"Neil Mullarkey is a master of his craft. He is educated, erudite and enthusiastic about how business can be better by using the soft skills associated with his comedy career." * Paul Boross MBE, speaker and pitch doctor *
"In a world moving at pace and in unpredictable directions, improvisation is an essential leadership capability in its own right. Neil is a master and he has set out the principles for us all in this book." * Dr David Pendleton, Professor in Leadership, Henley Business School *
"I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase their productivity and enjoyment at work." * Luke Johnstone, author and entrepreneur *
"This book shows you how the magic of being 'in the moment' can transform your career. Simply brilliant!" * Graham Shaw, coach and award-winning author *
"The interpersonal and communicative skills that this book will sharpen are absolutely critical for business leaders to navigate complexities and manage teams." * Doris Claesen, Ads Marketing Lead, APAC at Google *
"This book will help every leader make an impact and create momentum." * Lesley Uren, Senior Client Partner and President, EMEA Consulting, Korn Ferry *
"An amazingly eclectic, thought-provoking and above all, useful book. There is something for everyone in Neil's great book, one that I'll pick up time and time again." * Andrew Cross, Professor of Practice, Hult EF *
"You'll be better at communication, comprehension and life by reading this brilliant book." * Michael Heppell, author, speaker and coach *
"No technology can replace the human ability to collaborate, communicate and create at work. Learn how you can sharpen these abilities with Neil's fascinating book." * Steve McDermott, author and founder, The Confident Club *
"Wow, Neil is simply the best of the very best. If confidence, innovation and turning work into an adventure are on your agenda then read this book today!" * David Taylor, author and founder, Naked Leader *
"A highly engaging and elegantly written book. Neil discusses the tension between structure and spontaneity and offers some great practical tools and techniques for the reader to improve their own practice, whatever it is they do." * Dr Graham Curtis, Director of Operations, Roffey Park Institute *
"Road-tested with top executives from around the world, Neil's techniques will ensure that you succeed whatever your role." * Dave Allen, Founder, Brandpie *
"Neil has written a stirring playbook for personal growth and leadership. The ease, clarity and depth with which he discusses these topics will rewire your thinking and vocabulary for good." * Asad Ur Rehman, expert media and communication professional *
"A refreshing antidote to all those "be a great leader" courses and books which are inflicted on us. Read this instead!" * Richard Westney, HR Consultant *
"There are no three greater skills in life than confidence, communication and creativity, and no better person than Neil Mullarkey to help you master them." * Luke Manning, Head of LSEG Foundation, London Stock Exchange *
"Like a Swiss Army Knife for effective business communication." * Veronika Elsener, Chief Marketing Officer, Victorinox *
"In the Moment is chock-full of practical tips, road tested with real leaders, and great fun to read." * Donald Sull, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management *
"This book is proof of how serendipity and improv and work together in daily life to actively create futures." * Annie Pye, Professor of Organization Studies, Cardiff University *
"The warmth, wisdom and wonder of Neil Mullarkey radiate out from every page of this entertaining, inspiring and rigorously researched book. If you want to be your best, buy this book!" * Simon Lancaster, speechwriter and author of Connect *
"Gives a 360 degree perspective for everyone to utilize fascinating insights before taking the advantage to craft their own success." * Erwin Parengkuan, CEO & Founder, TalkInc. *
"If you want to have a future in work then this is a book that demands to be kept within an arm's reach." * Steve Martin, Faculty Director, Columbia Business School *
"Charming and practical advice for those navigating the uncertain and often confusing corporate world." * Mike Southon, co-author, The Beermat Entrepreneur *
"No technology can replace the human ability to collaborate, communicate and create at work. Learn how you can sharpen these abilities with Neil's fascinating book." * Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society *
"This book is a menu of practical ideas that you can select as you wish to boost your esteem, presentation skills and creative powers." * Brendan Barns, Founder, London Business Forum *
"Neil Mullarkey has such incredibly diverse experiences and so many brilliant stories. This book brings his insights to life." * Kate & Helen Richardson-Walsh, Olympic Hockey Gold Medallists *
"Whether you're seeking to connect with a co-worker, feel more credible and confident in a presentation, or step up to lead in a new situation, Neil Mullarkey's insightful book will show you how to communicate - and learn - more effectively." * Herminia Ibarra, Charles Handy Professor of Organizational Behaviour, London Business School *
"A powerful case for a more collaborative and more creative approach to work." * Stefan Stern, columnist and author *
"A fabulous quiver of practical tools for the business executive of any level - a great reminder to listen, experiment and empower." * Tom Gathercole, Head of EMEA & EVP, Aircastle Limited *
"It's delicious to imagine a corporate world in which all of Neil Mullarkey's insights and tips are heeded and acted upon; where we all approach the world with a "yes and..." mindset." * Sarah Nelson Smith, Global Head of Corporate & Commercial, Legal at *
"Outstandingly written, thought provoking and hugely transferable into daily life for business professionals." * Simon Ewins, Managing Director, UK Hotels & Restaurants, Whitbread PLC *
"Ever wondered what improv comedy can offer the world of organisations and business? This book has many answers, with a unique blend of stories and research." * Paul Z Jackson, Director, The Solutions Focus *
"A truly excellent book. Neil has connected all of the dots between improvisation and business for you." -- Deborah Frances-White, comedian, author and screenwriter
"Backed up by fascinating research, stories and case studies, Neil Mullarkey offers some home truths and superb advice." * Caroline Webb, leadership coach and author, How to Have a Good Day *
"Easily digestible, this book provides a mix of great hints and tips with case studies." * Joanna Causon, CEO, The Institute of Customer Service *
"Neil Mullarkey's insights bring flexibility to corporate strategy and strengthen human connections as our work paradigm shifts." * Jesus Fernandez Munoz, Principal Office in Europe, Office of Outreach and Partnerships, Inter-American Development Bank, Madrid *
"How spontaneous are you? Are you willing to drop your plans and be inspired? If so, this brilliant book was written for you." * Robert Holden, author, Shift Happens and Higher Purpose *
"A must read for anyone leading or managing, Neil Mullarkey is entertaining and practical in equal measure. Some insights that will make you stop and question, balanced with real examples and tools that you can use yourself." * Malcolm Brown, CEO, Angel Trains Limited *
"This book teaches interpersonal skills which ChatGPT can't do; and which are even more necessary now that ever." * Vanessa Lui, CEO and co-founder, Sugarwork *

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