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Stress Less : Managing anxiety in a modern world - Noa Belling

Stress Less

Managing anxiety in a modern world

By: Noa Belling

Paperback | 29 November 2023

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A simple guide to all the tools, methods, and exercises to manage your stress.

What if you could feel in control of your stress levels? Or be able to access qualities like self-worth, grounded confidence, inspiration, and inner peace when faced with stress?

Stress, anxiety and depression have become a sign of our times. We have lived through a global pandemic with fears that more may follow. We continue to face global crises like climate change and war or threats of war in parts of the world that affect us all through our shared humanity and the global economy. Then there is the continuation of a modern, fast-paced, highly competitive lifestyle to contend with, that can affect young and old alike.

How have your stress levels been lately? Maybe stress has left you feeling depleted and tired. Or maybe it has wired you up to feel moody and irritable. International bestselling and award-winning author, Noa Belling has put together a tried and tested, scientifically backed and power packed toolkit to help you. It targets different ways that stress can show up in our lives, that might leave some of us depleted and depressed and others wired and anxious.

About the Author

International best-selling author and psychologist Noa Belling uses her many years' experience of intellectual and physical discipline to guide others in enhancing vitality and life fulfilment. Noa holds a Masters degree in somatic (body-mind) psychology through Naropa University. Her background includes many years of running a private psychotherapy practice and presenting talks, workshops and executive coaching in the business world. She has also taught applied somatic psychology skills for many years as part of psychology training and continuing education programs.

Noa's journey as a published author began in 2001 with her yoga books, including the international bestseller The Yoga Handbook and other titles. More recently Noa wrote The Mindful Body (Rockpool publishes, 2018) as a valuable resource for building emotional strength and managing stress with body mindfulness. The Happiness Workout was a further continuation of this commitment to sharing practical, inspiring body-based skills. @noabelling

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