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Re-Regulated : Set Your Life Free from Childhood Ptsd and the Trauma-Driven Behaviors That Keep You Stuck - Anna Runkle


Set Your Life Free from Childhood Ptsd and the Trauma-Driven Behaviors That Keep You Stuck

By: Anna Runkle

Hardcover | 1 October 2024

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Available: 1st October 2024

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The creator of the popular Crappy Childhood Fairy YouTube channel offers new hope for trauma survivors with a radical new approach to healing the adult symptoms of Childhood PTSD.

Conventional trauma treatments (talk therapy and medication) simply don't work for many trauma survivors, and now we know why. Researchers have identified the core symptom that drives most other symptoms--neurological dysregulation. It's an injury to your nervous system triggered by abuse and neglect in childhood, and it can profoundly impact your physical health, damage your ability to learn and focus, and hold you back from forming caring relationships.

The good news is that healing is possible, and in Re-Regulated, author Anna Runkle (aka the Crappy Childhood Fairy) shows you how. Chapter by chapter, she teaches you practical steps to identify signs of dysregulation, quickly re-regulate, and then stay regulated more of the time. From a regulated state, things can move forward rapidly in every area of your life.

In this action-based guide, Anna draws from her own experience healing Childhood PTSD symptoms, and her decades of work coaching and mentoring thousands of others working to heal from abuse and neglect in the past. With compassionate guidance, she helps you calm triggers, break out of isolation, and change the self-defeating behaviors that are so common for traumatized people, so you can become your full and real self at last.

You'll learn:

  • Practical techniques to release trauma-driven thinking and strengthen focus
  • Principles to overcome trauma-driven thinking and behaviors that hold you back
  • Strategies to manage overwhelming emotions before they hurt relationships
  • A process to build your capacity to connect with other people
  • A "Daily Practice" to help you start each day regulated and energized

Anna's tools can be used on your own or as a complement to professional therapy. With her help, you can achieve calmness and clarity you never imagined possible.

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