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Open - Jessie Moss


By: Jessie Moss, Kayn Fitzgerald (Artist), Aleisha Henslee (Designed by)

Paperback | 8 November 2022

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OPEN is a liberating guide to awaken you from old stories into a life of self-led freedom. 


In a world of spiritual bypassing, this book includes easy to implement tools to integrate your personal truth into action and to embody the insights from the lessons that show up in your own life for growth.


Jessie Moss is an intuitive awakening facilitator who shows you from a place of vulnerability that you are not your stories

After arriving at these teachings through her own experiences with domestic violence, abuse, overcoming trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and addictions, Jessie encourages you to rise from your own learnings and adversity to follow what sets your soul on fire. 

You get to transform through the higher frequency of your heart, align all areas of your life from within, and open to the highest possibilities of love and liberation.

Open is your invitation to go on a journey through personal stories, incantations, and practices, to heal and take charge of your wellbeing, discover yourself on a deeper level, and realise you have the power to choose in each moment.

Travel in and through your own unique path to self-mastery where you can unlearn your conditioning to rebuild a new way to live, rewire old patterns, and authentically land yourself deeply centred to that place within, where your values, ideals, and actions align with ease.

Imagine you are standing at a crossroads. You see the well-paved embedded ways of the past before you, probably giving you a false sense of security and comfortability. Now see the other path you haven't walked before, which may seem scary and possibly a little exciting as you take in the uncharted territory that lay before you. 

By seeing them and feeling what each path represents you give yourself an opportunity to choose

Whatever the choice you make, you now have a full knowing that this is what you are calling in for yourself as you take each step forward. 

If you were to see yourself at the crossroad now with nothing but truth in your heart, what is the outcome of your choice? 

Is it serving you? 

Does it feel good? 

Do you want to choose again? 

What will you decide?

Industry Reviews

Jessie Moss has a unique and nurturing nature, a writing style that draws the reader into a safe and comforting world to allow your soul and spirit to awaken from old stories and narratives. 'Open' is full of self-empowering and motivational guides, inner work reflection guidelines, and personal empowerment suggestions which everyone can benefit from. A great gift from an author who has used her personal life experiences to provide a way forward and a sense of hope to others. Written with love, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

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