Making Changes Easily : The Change Guide for People in Business - Louise Corica

Making Changes Easily

The Change Guide for People in Business

By: Louise Corica

Paperback | 30 May 2014

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The only constant in life is change, and when you embrace it, you'll achieve more as a business. You may not appreciate the change you're facing, but you must adapt if you want to achieve your goals. This guidebook to navigating change will help you:

⢠discover the changes you need to make; ⢠make a commitment to change; ⢠get your team and business to believe in your vision; ⢠implement changes easily and effectively.

The strategies and techniques you learn can be used to complete projects at organizations of any size, and they'll also help you make the most of change in your personal life, too. Just as important, you'll learn how to effectively manage change on a limited budget while meeting deadlines.

You can't afford to continue business as usual or, alternatively, to continue having a negative outlook toward change that's being forced upon you. Take proactive steps to identify areas in your workplace that need to change, and get the inspiration and tools you need to finish what you start with Making Changes Easily.

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