FitCEO : Be the Leader of Your Life - Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann


Be the Leader of Your Life

By: Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Lillian So

Paperback | 14 September 2021

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Your work and your workouts shouldn't have to fight for your attention.

We get it: you're busy. Whether you're acting as the CEO of a company, a family, or a career, it's easy to make excuses for why you don't have time to focus on your health. But getting fit doesn't have to be another chore added to your already packed schedule.

In this smart, snappy book, former Citigroup executive and CEO consultant Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann teams up with personal trainer and life coach Lilian So to introduce simple, fun habits for total health and well-being. Short, down-to-earth stories from Macieira-Kaufmann's life and lauded career show you how staying healthy as an in-demand CEO is not only possible but can feel almost effortless-with the right strategies. So's simple and practical exercises will have you making changes to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health right away.

You'll discover:
  • A simple exercise program that can be done anywhere
  • How to manageably schedule workouts into your hectic life
  • Immediate, easy actions you can take for better health
  • Tips for staying healthy and balanced when you travel
  • How to eat well and enjoyably at events and beyond
  • The benefits of taking breaks-from five minutes between meetings to regular vacations
  • Leadership insights that free up your time and boost productivity

    This isn't about layering on another demanding routine onto your already ambitious schedule. Instead, it's about learning how to manageably introduce simple, easy, fun habits for total fitness that will not only transform your body, but also your life. It's about being the boss of the most important job you have-the boss of you.
  • Industry Reviews
    "Leaders must be fit-not just physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually-to lead well in their organizations and their lives. FitCEO offers powerful advice and fun, doable tips, spiked with anecdotes from decades of executive leadership and an enduring friendship between the co-authors. If you find yourself in need of a tune-up (and who isn't!) get this book for yourself-and one for an accountability buddy to play along with you!" - Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter; author, The Disruption Mindset

    "FitCEO is an important and timely book. Integrating the various aspects of our lives and figuring out how to thrive both personally and professionally has never been easy. These days, it seems more challenging than ever. Rebecca and Lillian give us a road map that is both wise and practical, to help us be the holistic leaders of our own lives." - Mike Robbins, Author, We Are All In This Together

    "Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Lillian So offer a thoughtful, wise approach to successful leadership that goes beyond physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness. Through their concept of "habitual discipline," the remarkable commitment to one's holistic health, executives can yield extraordinary gains. CEOs would do well to adopt the creative ideas of fitness and leadership they have developed. I plan to use this approach with the executive team at our company." - Tony Rossabi, CEO, Recovery Point Systems

    "As the female CEO of a publicly traded company it can be so hard to find a person, let alone a book, to give truly valuable and relevant perspective to help make my day-to-day more manageable, balanced, and fulfilling. I found myself making many notes as I read through the pages of this book of small adjustments that can make a big impact, which for me is immeasurably valuable." - Jaime Leverton, CEO, Hut 8 Mining Corporation

    "Coming up on twenty years as a CEO in California, I very much appreciate the guidance provided by Rebecca and Lillian in FitCEO. Using the foundation of making a Commitment, setting Boundaries, executing with Intention, remembering to balance with Self-Care, and never, ever forgetting that Heart & Soul is ultimately a major key to success, FitCEO will assist you in finding a life-work balance. Enjoy reading this book-it's filled with many important life lessons." - Matthew Stevens, President and CEO, The Bay Club Company

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