Wave Length - A. J. Betts

Wave Length

By: A. J. Betts

Paperback | 2 August 2010 | Edition Number 1

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Oliver's world has shrunk. It's all about Year 12 finals. It's about that magic 80% average he needs to get into uni, get his dream job and get cashed up. If only he can find a quiet place to study - away from the chaos and mess of living with two small kids and his Mum's booming muffin business. A study break in a small coastal town seems just the ticket. But Sunny Haven Recreation and Leisure Centre is like some weird parallel universe. He arrives cashless, bookless, phoneless and fuming in the back of his Dad's clapped out Cortina only to find his new study space is home to an array of elderly citizens. They've each got their own opinions on Oliver's life plans and he 'doesn't wanna hear it!' But gradually, with their help, Oliver's universe expands.
Industry Reviews
A finely observed tale . . . Betts has an observant eye for detail, culminating in a range of exquisitely drawn characters . . . It isn't often that a book surprises me. This one does. --Fiction Focus
Can be easily related to by young adult readers. This novel will keep you thinking after you put it down . . . Recommended for young adults, especially those nearing the end of high school. --Cairns Post
This slice-of-life book delicately reveals the everyday nuances that make life so beautiful . . . a warm, slighty kooky, delicious cast of characters . . . Betts has a knack for writing audibly and visually . . . More please. --Kids Books Review

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