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The Art of Conscious Balance : Breaking Free From Your Conditioned Self - Santosh Nambiar

The Art of Conscious Balance

Breaking Free From Your Conditioned Self

By: Santosh Nambiar

Paperback | 14 April 2022

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'With awareness of my thoughts, I was able to have power over my mind,

and therefore it no longer controlled me.'

When Santosh Nambiar found himself in a life-threatening health situation,

he realised that something had to change. He was regularly grappling with

emotions of anxiety, anger, fear and jealousy, and was negatively driven by

ambition and success. Somewhere, somehow, he'd lost himself.

The Art of Conscious Balance follows the tumultuous and inspiring story of one

man's journey to discover conscious balance in his life. It explores the conflict

between our conditioned self and our true self, and how Santosh gained

freedom from his own conditioned behaviours to realise the absolute truth

and purpose of life, finally allowing him to move from a place of pain and

confusion to one of love, clarity and peace.

An honest and evocative memoir, The Art of Conscious Balance is transformative

in its gentle teachings and soothing in its message that anyone is capable of

finding their inner compass as Santosh did to understand oneself and one's

place in the universe more deeply and truly.

Industry Reviews

ï»ï»ï»We all stumble over the truth from time to time but most of us ignore it and carry on as if nothing happened. Santosh is an uncommon man who didn't ignore those moments of awakening and has used them as a compass to navigate his way through life and towards self-knowledge. In this book he has lovingly shared some of his insights and lessons that may inspire many others to find their inner compass to understand oneself and one's place in the universe more deeply and truly.

Professor Craig Hassed MBBS, FRACGP, OAM, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science ,Coordinator of Mindfulness at Monash

Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies,Director of Education

Monash University Australia

'This simple profound truth of who you truly are can set you free' - Prof - Adrian Perrig, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

'Put this book, "The Art of Conscious Balance ", by author Santosh Nambiar, on your must read list for the New Year, 2022'

Judith Flitcroft. Author. Melbourne. 

 'I found the book easy to read, yet profound in its simplicity. The storytelling was very authentic and some of the characters in the book seemed so relatable.  I really got a lot from it'

Sandeep Chitale. 

Senior VP at VIS GLOBAL Pty Ltd. Australia. Qualified Mindfulness practitioner through SIYLI/Googles Engage Program

My first attempt at a cursory glance through The Art of Conscious Balance failed miserably. Every page I turned to, beckoned me to read it fully. Pretty soon I realised that I could not afford to miss any of the numerous gems scattered throughout this marvellous personal account of a man possessed, who chooses to lose, and wins. So I began from the beginning. From the simple parable of the crow who refuses to let go, I followed Santosh's journey, slowly unpeeling the layers of my being. Gradually, I found myself travelling with Santosh, with ever deeper self-awareness. As I meandered in the gently weaving flow of conscious balance, I found my own journey within. This book cannot be read. It must be experienced.Vinay Nigam - Director - Academy of Professional Excellence, Melbourne Australia. Emotional Intelligence certified Practitioner.

This is a refreshing and easy to read story of the author's personal journey through life. Yet it

is both powerful and insightful. Santosh is brutally honest about his character and

experiences, which allow the reader to discover or, perhaps rediscover, a deep

understanding of their own insecurities and selfishness. Importantly, Santosh provides a way

to how we can all become better human beings by understanding, and striving for, a

Conscious Balance. Dr Ian Beckman, Senior Scientist(Husband, Father and Grandfather)-Flinders University.

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