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The Laws of Connection : The Transformative Science of Being Social - David Robson

The Laws of Connection

The Transformative Science of Being Social

By: David Robson

Paperback | 11 June 2024

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Award-winning science journalist and author of The Expectation Effect David Robson explores why social connection matters even more than we thought, how to build better relationships and improve our lives

In the early 1960s scientists at the University of California, Berkeley set out to establish the key factors effecting health and longevity. Their results, known as the 'Alameda 7', you already know: don't smoke, drink in moderation, sleep seven to eight hours a night, exercise, eat regular meals, maintain a moderate weight, eat breakfast. Years later, however, the same team discovered an eighth factor, one that proved more important than all the others: social connection.

When we form meaningful bonds with others, our wounds heal faster, we shake off infections more quickly and our blood pressure drops. We are less likely to have Alzheimer's, heart attacks or strokes. When people feel that they have strong social support, they perform better on tests of mental focus, memory and problem solving. Greater connection can fuel creativity, increase our financial stability and enhance our work productivity. But making friends can also be daunting.

In The Laws of Connection, David Robson does two important things: he takes us through the fascinating science behind the effects of social connection and he unpacks the research that shows that we are all better at being social than we might think. We will meet ideas such as 'the liking gap' and 'the gratitude gap', learn to recognise 'frenemies' and discover a powerful conversational strategy known as the 'fast-friends procedure' that promotes instant rapport. Being social doesn't have to mean having dozens of friends, it can also mean having one true, deep connection with another person. As Robson shows, we can all benefit from the laws of connection.

About the Author

David Robson is an award-winning science journalist. His first book, The Intelligence Trap, has been translated into 15 languages and his second, The Expectation Effect, won the British Psychological Society Award. Previously an editor and senior journalist at BBC Future, Robson is now a freelance journalist; his writing has appeared in The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Atlantic, Washington Post and more.

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Industry Reviews
'Praise for The Expectation Effect: 'This book is entertaining, eye-opening, extremely useful and best of all, evidence-based' - CLAUDIA HAMMOND

'Mind-changing science . . . One of Robson's many strengths is to take what might seem familiar and show just how much deeper the rabbit hole goes' - OLIVER BURKEMAN

'Based in science and packed with smart advice' - DANIEL H. PINK

'This is an utterly riveting and transformative book. You can't afford not to read it!' - NIGELLA LAWSON

'Visionary, original and exciting' - WILL STORR

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Published: 6th January 2024

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