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Finding Your People : The ultimate guide to friendship - Alexandra Hourigan

Finding Your People

The ultimate guide to friendship

By: Alexandra Hourigan, Sally McMullen

Paperback | 4 June 2024

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A relatable guide to finding, keeping and saying goodbye to friendships, from the twin-flame hosts of the hit podcast Two Broke Chicks.

Despite living in a world where instant communication is at our fingertips, it sometimes feels harder than ever to make meaningful connections. There's an overwhelming focus on romantic partners, but frankly, we're sick of platonic relationships missing out on the hype.

Friendships are some of the most significant relationships you'll ever have, and navigating conflict, miscommunication and new life phases is part and parcel of holding on to really good mates.

After seven years in an unholy union as best friends, twin flames and platonic soulmates, Sal and Al from Two Broke Chicks share what they've learned to help you find, keep and say goodbye to the friendships in your life.

Whether you're struggling to balance your social life, worried your pals don't like your new partner, unsure how to deal with that toxic friend, or simply at a loss as to how to make friends as an adult, consider this book your brand new bestie.

About the Authors

Alex Hourigan and Sally McMullen (but their friends call them Sal and Al) met six years ago in an office kitchen, just trying to get through their first full-time journalism gig. Since then, these two platonic soulmates have been joined at the hip. Together they've survived office politics and on-again off-again exes, and started their own podcast Two Broke Chicks, which went on to become a charting podcast with millions of downloads.

Sal and Al have experienced the good and bad life lessons that come with navigating true, toxic and timeless friendships – so much so that you could say they wrote the book on it. So, they decided to write the book on it, and Finding Your People was published in June 2024.

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