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Post-Lineage Yoga : From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

Post-Lineage Yoga

From Guru to #MeToo

By: Theodora Wildcroft

Paperback | 14 November 2020

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Post-lineage yoga presents a ground-breaking model for scholars to understand the contemporary teaching and practice of yoga, one where peer networks are more relevant than either brand loyalty or lineage affiliation. 

Previous research has considered the history and science of yoga, but rarely the ways in which it has been shared. This book aims to change that. From the very advent of group classes, yoga teachers have dictated the movement, and experience, of their students. But threaded through yoga's history is a more democratic, individualised way of sharing practice with others. With the recent #MeTooinYoga movement, and the growing popularity of accessible yoga, teachers are increasingly turning to this hidden history for answers. In a diverse profession strongly resistant to official regulation, it is vital for scholars and policy makers alike to understand the risks and rewards of this development.

In 2004 there were estimated to be 2.5 million yoga practitioners in Britain alone, and numbers are still rising today. As more and more people enjoy the practice, this book asks: in communities based more on peer-networks than hierarchal leadership structures, how are the highest ethical standards negotiated? How does practice relate to life off the mat? What does best practice look like, in 'post-lineage' yoga?

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A timely and original piece of research that builds on a growing literature on the various manifestations of yoga in the contemporary context.

Stephen Jacobs, Senior Lecturer in Media, Religion and Culture, University of Wolverhampton, UK

A fascinating analysis of yoga subcultures, and the modern-day, 'post-lineage' yogis who operate on the fringes of the mainstream yoga marketplace, and outside traditional patriarchal structures of yogic authority. This highly original book is a milestone in the study of modern yoga.

Mark Singleton, SOAS, University of London, UK

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Published: 14th November 2020

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