Making Weight : The Ultimate Science Based Guide to Cutting Weight for Combat Sports - Jordan Sullivan

Making Weight

The Ultimate Science Based Guide to Cutting Weight for Combat Sports

By: Jordan Sullivan, Danny Lennon

Paperback | 13 August 2023

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What if you could guarantee your diet and weight-cutting plan would maximize performance?

Take control and transform your performance with... Making Weight: The Ultimate Science-based Guide to Cutting Weight for Combat Sports.

Whether you're a nutrition professional or combat sports athlete looking to optimize the weight cutting process, then this is the book for you.

Written by renowned combat sports dietitian Jordan Sullivan, and nutrition science expert Danny Lennon, Making Weight is the definitive guide to cutting weight for combat sports.

The authors draw on years of experience working with combat athletes, as well as the latest research in sports nutrition and physiology, to bring you a step-by-step plan for optimizing your weight-cutting process.

From determining your ideal weight class to implementing the most effective strategies for cutting weight, Making Weight covers everything you need to succeed in combat sports.

There are also real-world case studies of the diets and strategies of some of the best athletes in the world.

You'll see clear examples for a range of competition types; from pro MMA fights to amateur bouts with same-day weigh-ins to BJJ tournaments.

Learn How To...

  • Customize your own weight cutting plan
  • Set-up your diet so that you perform at your best in every training session
  • Design your pre- and post-training meals to maximize your recovery
  • Decide on which weight class is right for you
  • Make weight without using ineffective, unscientific fads
  • Rehydrate and refuel optimally after your weigh-in

Making Weight is the ultimate resource for nutritionists, coaches and athletes involved in combat sports, who want to master their nutrition, optimize their weight cutting process and perform at their best.

With this book, you'll have the knowledge and tools to cut weight safely and effectively, without sacrificing health or performance.

Say goodbye to disastrous cuts, stressful weigh-ins, and dangerous, counterproductive diets.

It's time to make weight, with science!

Industry Reviews

"Jordi is a master of his craft! I trust his numbers and stats on me that he's gathered over the years. And I'm just happy to be where I'm at. I feel good. I feel really good." - Israel Adesanya, UFC Middleweight Champion

"When it comes to explaining an evidence-informed approach to weight cutting, Danny & Jordi are some of the very best in the world. That's why I recruited them to serve on an expert committee for weight cutting for the Sports Nutrition Association. This is a world-class resource that anyone serious about learning more about weight-cutting should have." - Alex Thomas, President of Sports Nutrition Association (SNA)

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