Light It : How to Trust Your Intuition and Build a Thriving Business - Laetitia Andrac

Light It

How to Trust Your Intuition and Build a Thriving Business

By: Laetitia Andrac

eBook | 20 September 2023

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Tired of feeling disconnected from your intuition?

Being connected online 24/7 leads to increased levels of stress and burnout, especially for entrepreneurs and leaders who often prioritise their 'hustle'. Too often, entrepreneurs and leaders just like you look outside for validation.

The answer to your problems has always been there, within you.

The reality is that intuition in business isn't just nice to have. It's essential. Intuition helps us connect with creativity and make bold decisions that distinguish us from other entrepreneurs.

You don't always need a breakdown for a breakthrough to happen. Through the five-step LIGHT framework, author Laetitia Andrac helps you reconnect with your inner knowing, wisdom and light. This book cuts through the noise, providing proven strategies, approaches and rituals to help you (re)discover harmony, creativity and inspiration. If you are an over-busy, overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneur (who is underwhelmed with the money you are making), this book is for you.


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