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Giants of Enterprise : Seven Business Innovators and the Empires They Built - Richard S. Tedlow

Giants of Enterprise

Seven Business Innovators and the Empires They Built

By: Richard S. Tedlow

eBook | 13 October 2009

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Product Description

Seven business innovators and the empires they built.

The pre-eminent business historian of our time, Richard S. Tedlow, examines seven great CEOs who successfully managed cutting-edge technology and formed enduring corporate empires.

With the depth and clarity of a master, Tedlow illuminates the minds, lives and strategies behind the legendary successes of our times:

. George Eastman and his invention of the Kodak camera;

. Thomas Watson of IBM;

. Henry Ford and his automobile;

. Charles Revson and his use of television advertising to drive massive sales for Revlon;

. Robert N. Noyce, co-inventor of the integrated circuit and founder of Intel;

. Andrew Carnegie and his steel empire;

. Sam Walton and his unprecedented retail machine, Wal-Mart.

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One of the top ten business books of 2001

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