Corporate Innervation : Unlocking the genius inside your organisation - Ally Muller

Corporate Innervation

Unlocking the genius inside your organisation

By: Ally Muller

Paperback | 5 November 2020

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As a corporate leader, what does innovation really mean to you?

Is your organisation's approach to innovation evolving as the world changes?

Or are you just ticking the innovation boxes?

The world has changed and the rules of innovation are different. In fact, innovation needs some serious innovating. Now is not the time to just tick a

few boxes. In Corporate Innervation, Ally Muller has defined the new rules for organisations with a burning desire to truly embrace the extraordinary potential of true innovation.

Ally Muller has brought to life a human-centric innovation framework that is more than just creating innovative products and solutions to make more

money. She is challenging you to rethink how you approach innovation in the corporate landscape, in every sense of the word.

In Corporate Innervation you will learn how to build a true innovation ecosystem that adds extraordinary value to your bottom line by:

  • Examining the good, the bad and the ugly of corporate innovation and how organisations are hampering their ability to deliver on their innovation goals.
  • Confronting the demons of innovation to identify why programs fail or don't deliver the intended value to the bottom line.
  • Showing you how to lead and grow an innovation culture to harness the power of your greatest asset - your people.
  • Implementing the nine-step Corporate Innervation Operating System inside your organisation.

This is the book that corporate leaders and those charged with driving innovation within an organisation need to read.

Industry Reviews

'Ally has created an inspiring roadmap for innovation and has supported the teams through the development and implementation of a transformative

innovation framework.'

Krishan Tangri, Executive General Manager Infrastructure Development and Delivery, Brisbane Airport Corporation

'As a keen futurist Ally can show an alternative path and what could be, while working on the very foundations required.'

Dave G. Whimpey, CEO, Surf Lifesaving Queensland

'The word innovation is used and overused a great deal, particularly in challenging times. I just love the way Ally Muller has taken a long, hard

look at innovation and shown us what we are missing.'

Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Business Author, Global Speaker

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