Six Figures in School Hours : How to run a successful business and still be a good parent - Kate Toon

Six Figures in School Hours

How to run a successful business and still be a good parent

By: Kate Toon

Paperback | 27 June 2023 | Edition Number 1

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Create a flourishing business and never feel like the worst parent in the world ever again.

Most parents don’t want to build a global empire or make a gazillion dollars a year. They just want to earn a decent income and have time to read their kids a bedtime story without having a meltdown in the process.

Yes, we know running a business can be rewarding. However, it can also seep into every life crack, eat up your energy and leave you exhausted, stressed and snapping at your small humans.

In Six Figures in School Hours , award-winning digital marketing coach and business mentor Kate Toon shares practical and doable tips for parents to run a successful business, make serious money and not burn themselves to a frazzle in the process.

First, you will examine your business goals and measure your ‘why’ against your desires for family life; then, discover passive income ideas and ways to involve the family in your business life in an enjoyable way; finally, find out how to turn that six-figure profit dial up or down depending on the compromises you’re willing to make.

Throughout the book are tools and tactics to manage your money, be more productive and focus on what matters, along with inspiring stories from other successful business parents who know exactly how it feels.

Six Figures in School Hours is a smart, honest business self-help book that gives you the skills, the tools and the confidence to never again need to choose between a successful business and a happy family life.

About the Author

Kate Toon left the high-pressure world of big-name advertising agencies and started her copywriting business when she was five months pregnant. She had no plan, no savings and only the tiniest trickle of confidence. She dreamed of building a business on her own terms and replacing her real job income while never letting her son feel like he was her last priority. Since then, Kate has built a seven-figure global business as a trusted digital marketing coach and business mentor who has helped more than 20,000 businesses.

She regularly speaks at events around the world, runs two successful conferences and has built a team of humans to help her. And she s achieved all of this working less than 20 hours a week from her back garden shed while wearing pajamas and watching Netflix with her son. Kate was named Australia s Most Influential Woman in Small Business in 2023, and Businesswoman of the Year in 2021. She s a trusted expert on the TV show Kochie s Business Builders and has been a guest on more than 200 podcasts. Kate has an extensive network of business parents who are already loyal followers of the Tooniverse.
Industry Reviews
An honest, enjoyable, practical look at what it takes to make money in your business and be the parent you want to be without losing yourself. - Jodie Thornton, Parenting Coach

Kate has done a pretty stellar job in this book of highlighting the terrain, the bumps and turns, stop signs, red lights and green lights when it comes to the journey of running a business and being a parent. I highly recommend putting this on the must read-list for any parent juggling a business and kiddos. - Sam Jockle, Founder and CEO, ParentTV

It s about bloody time someone wrote this book. For far too long, people with a business and kids have been suffering in silence without a map to navigate this merciless minefield. Kudos to Kate for finally putting it all out there in such an intelligent, insightful and humorous way. If you want to make significant money around kids, this book is for you. - Dale Beaumont, Founder and CEO, Business Blueprint

This book is a delightfully honest blueprint (with touches of perfectly timed humour) to banish parent guilt and work on your terms. I wish I had this when I started my business while pregnant with a toddler in tow, surrounded by five piles of laundry waiting to be folded just out of vid-conferencing view. - Carrie Kwan, Co-founder, Mums & Co

This is a book I ll return to again and again so practical, so readable and so wise. It s truly a gift. - Erin Huckle, Chuckle Communications

As a parent and business owner, this is the book I didn t know I needed. Filled with Kate s humour, easy-to-implement tips and stories of her own struggles, this book is real, kind and genuinely helpful. - Lauren Minns, Luminous Copy

I just wish I had read the book 50 years ago. Really looking forward to seeing the published version. - Kate s Dad

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