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Climate Grief : From Coping to Resilience and Action - Shawna Weaver

Climate Grief

From Coping to Resilience and Action

By: Shawna Weaver, Mary Bue (Foreword by), Dr. Aubrey Fine (Afterword by)

Paperback | 1 February 2024

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A convincing argument that climate grief is not an ailment to fix, but a warning from inside us and a call to action. This book acquaints us with the realities of climate change and its accompanying grief, liberating us to cope and define our next steps toward a sustainable future.

This book describes climate grief as a natural and reasonable response to the widespread effects of climate change. Penetrating our hearts and minds, climate grief is not an ailment we have to heal from but a call to change the trajectory of our shared future. While climate change is already ushering in bleak outcomes, we still have time to learn and grow toward sustainability if we listen to our bodies and our imaginations that yearn for a better future. Successfully working for such a future, through social and environmental justice, is made possible by doing our own work to cope with our fears and loss. Coping with the emotional fallout of climate change is necessary for health and well-being and critical to building resilience. Climate change and climate grief are inseparable, and feeling grief is our first step toward dealing with climate change.

This book offers an informative summary of climate change, followed by a description of grief and its phases. The universality, urgency, and inescapable scope of climate change leads to a depth of grief we are not prepared to cope with, and a grief that is still largely unknown and ignored. Readers are invited to utilise reflection questions to help develop their own coping and resilience strategies, and to build an action plan for a sustainable future. From understanding grief and coping, the reader is invited to create a plan for building personal and planetary resilience. Such resilience and well-being start by looking inward at our own grief and emerging with the motivation needed to make lifestyle changes and inspire others to join in the journey. The planet can’t be healed by few people working out of despair but by many people working out of hope, care, and an openness to learn.
Industry Reviews
"'As climate science continued to prove true, how would we cope as individuals and as a society?' Thankfully Weaver dedicated her life to answering questions like this one so that we could each benefit from the wisdom in her findings. More than an exploration of climate change and its impact on our mental health, this book eloquently and practically outlines how to thrive despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. If one's psyche is enmeshed with one's surroundings, as Weaver states, then surely, we all owe it to each other to surround ourselves with this book, which at once educates, inspires, unites, and comforts. A must-read for anyone who craves a healthier future for all."
--Julie Schnedeker, author, Cofounder of Plant-Based Point

"Weaver's pertinent observations that our inner life is inextricably woven into the life of the physical world of nature is ever more important in this day of reckless damage to most of the Earth's ecosystems. She thoughtfully provides clues and answers to a world in which nature's health is indeed a taproot of our own mental health."
--Terril L. Shorb, Ph.D., author, Faculty Emeritus at Prescott College

"There is no shortage of books that outline the depressing pace of climate change on our planet. This beautifully written, hopeful book breaks new ground. Acknowledging the science of our declining ecosystems, and the grief that comes with it, Shawna writes in equal parts as a scientist, activist, ecotherapist, and poet. It's as if Greta Thunberg, Annie Dillard, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, and Rachel Carson were rolled into one. Using both Midwestern practicality and dynamic vision, this book takes us on a personal journey using ecotherapy and reconnection to the natural world to overcome our collective climate grief. In the process we find healing for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. If you read only one book this year, please let it be this one."
--Seth Tibbott, author, Founder of Tofurkey

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