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Yours Truly : Staying Authentic in Leadership and Life - Margarita Mayo

Yours Truly

Staying Authentic in Leadership and Life

By: Margarita Mayo

Hardcover | 22 February 2018

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Yours Truly captures the value of authentic leadership by demystifying the "innate" qualities of leaders to showcase more practical processes for transforming organizations.

Yours Truly draws on a host of inspirational examples from executives of multinational corporations to political leaders and sports leaders, as well as more than two decades of research, in order to examine and explain the missing link in research into authentic leadership: how leaders strive for success, excellence and constant renewal, while remaining true to themselves.

At the heart of contemporary corporate leadership lies a crisis of confidence. Since the financial crash of 2008, distrust of employers among the workforce has dramatically increased due to a lack of authentic leadership. But how can leaders become and remain authentic?

Margarita Mayo introduces the three characteristics--Heart, Habits and Harmony--that differentiate authentic from non-authentic leaders. Presented within a practical framework, the book provides a measurable guide to developing your own authentic power: contagious passion that wins the hearts of others; setting new habits of learning to empower others; and enhancing harmony by building authentic contexts.

Ideal for managers, senior executives and aspiring leaders, Yours Truly captures the value of authentic leadership in transforming organizations. The book strips away the seemingly magical, innate charismatic qualities of leaders in order to showcase a less mysterious and more practical process that can be followed by anyone.

Industry Reviews
Authenticity matters, there is no doubt. But, how can we be true to ourselves while also growing and stretching - and avoid getting stuck in outdated identities? Packed with insight, nuance and practical advice, you have much to gain from reading Margarita Mayo's engaging book. -- Herminia Ibarra * Charles Handy Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School *
Yours Truly is a creative and ingenious take on leadership in todays world. Margarita has written a delightful guide full of practical insights and inspirational stories for all of us who want to lead in an authentic way. An eloquent and personal account filled with heart and wisdom, it is a must-read. I will definitely share this powerful and glowing book with other leadership thinkers and executive coaches. -- Marshall Goldsmith * The Thinkers50 No.1 Leadership Thinker in the World, and author of the No.1 New York Times bestseller 'Triggers' *
Margarita has written a personal masterpiece. Her Heart, Habit, and Harmony dimensions of authenticity are brilliantly simple and useful. Her stories, tools, and frameworks give readers a clear roadmap for the authenticity journey, and her writing style is comfortably informative as she gently guides us into better leadership. Outstanding! -- Dave Ulrich * Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; Partner, The RBL Group *
Yours Truly, a book on authenticity in leadership, and in life more generally, is a must-read for current and future leaders in all walks of life. Given the current crop of leaders around the world, this book is essential reading for prospective leaders in business, politics and the public sector. -- Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE * The 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK *
Margarita has written an engaging book on a crucial topic, filled with wonderful stories and practical next steps for any leader. I appreciate her three-part model for helping authentic leaders flourish. -- James C. Galvin, Ed.D. * President, Galvin & Associates; author of 'I've Got Your Back' *
The world needs authentic leaders more than ever before. Margarita Mayo provides new and compelling insights into the need for such leaders and what makes them special. For all who lead and aspire to lead, Yours Truly should be required reading. -- Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove * Founders, Thinkers50 *
Margarita projects the high quality of her personality throughout the pages of this book. The book shows her capacity to lead authenticity and fresh ideas but with the brilliant flexibility that is not commonly found in academics. I would really like to make a full recommendation for reading this book. -- Diego del Alcazar * Founding President of IE Business School *
Mayo's new book is a powerful guide that helps leaders understand who they truly are and how they can leverage that insight, not just to be more successful at work but also to lead happier and healthier lives. Based on academic evidence and compelling cases, this is a must-read book for all people in leadership positions. -- Dr Jochen Menges * Judge Business School, University of Cambridge *
A highly interesting read, particularly the idea of multiple selves as a means of balancing flexibility and authenticity when navigating our increasingly complex world. Backed up with stories of diverse effective leaders doing just that. -- Bronia Szczygiel * Founding Partner, Aspire Leadership *
At a time when the actions of leaders of all kinds are scrutinized more than ever, and understanding the nature of leadership continues to pose a great challenge to social and psychology scholars, Dr. Mayo masterfully explores and explains the ingredients of authentic leadership. Yours Truly is a must-read, not only for researchers in the field of management and governance, but for anyone interested in the making of successful leaders. -- Luis Rojas Marcos, MD * Professor of Psychiatry, New York University; former Executive President of the New York City Health and Hospitals System *
Yours Truly is a bold book that approaches the very well known - and sometimes even hackneyed - topic of leadership in a completely different manner, to the point that it helps you to consider and appreciate things that you probably would not expect. In my opinion, a brilliant, fresh and highly recommended read for those of us who are eager to learn from true leaders, and one that you will not find in the front pages of traditional management publications. -- Jose Amoretti-Cordova * Vice President Corporate HR Europe and Middle East, BMW Group *
In Yours Truly, Margarita Mayo helps us understand the paradox we each need to hold as authentic leaders: being true to our values and passions, while growing and evolving to serve the greater good. Her sharing of compelling stories of everyday authentic leaders inspires us to see ourselves in both their challenges and their triumphs. -- Henna Inam * author of 'Wired For Authenticity'; Top Executive Coach; and former Fortune 500 C-Suite leader *
Margarita has written beautifully on a series of powerful and diverse leadership stories that support her 3Hs model. The book provides original insights from her rigorous studies while at the same time investigating authentic leadership. Yours Truly is a very practical guide for anyone interested in becoming a better leader in the digital era. Highly recommended! -- Isaac Hernandez * Country Manager Google Cloud, Spain and Portugal *
Margarita's book addresses the need for current and future leaders to analyse and work on their authenticity. Her 3Hs formula offers them an excellent tool, one that is highly relevant to the legal profession's leaders. The traditional leadership model in law firms must be reviewed and adjusted to the new realities imposed by the legal services' market. Yours Truly is a book that must be read by lawyers. -- Fernando Pelaez-Pier * Past President of the International Bar Association *
Margarita Mayo dives deep into the analysis of authenticity and why it is so central to strong leadership. Her case studies and personal stories underscore her compelling thesis of 'Heart, Habit and Harmony' as the drivers behind the world's most successful leaders. -- Carol Fishman Cohen * CEO, iRelaunch *
Yours Truly adds considerably to the body of work on authenticity and leadership. It is underpinned by classic work in psychology and social psychology, combined with compelling stories of leadership and resilience. The examples are novel and illuminating, and the style is accessible. All those who strive to exercise authentic leadership, whatever their positions in organizations, will be inspired by Mayo's work. -- Gareth Jones * Visiting Professor at IE, Madrid; co-author of 'Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?' *

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