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The Music Business for Music Creators : Industry Mechanics for Contemporary Creators - Jonny Amos
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The Music Business for Music Creators

Industry Mechanics for Contemporary Creators

By: Jonny Amos

Paperback | 28 June 2024

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The Music Business for Music Creators is a roadmap to understanding the traditional and modern income streams that define the modern music industry, by offering definitions of the key components that underpin the business behind them, with an emphasis on educating and empowering the next generation of music creators with the knowledge they require to build a career out of their creative pursuits.

With definitions of key concepts and principles, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the mechanics of the music business from music publishing, marketing, and contract negotiation, to licensing, streaming, and performing. This accessible guide is written with music creators in mind, and features case studies, profiles, and interviews with established professionals, as well as a glossary of key industry terms to empower the reader in their understanding of the industry, alongside a number of useful, accompanying digital resources.

This book is core reading for students of music business and music creation in contemporary music education, and provides an essential resource for those on music, music production, and music performance courses, as well as aspiring and early career professionals.

Industry Reviews

"The Music Business for Music Creators is a book I recommend enthusiastically if you are serious about a career in the music industry. A must-have and very well-informed guidebook to this many splintered and at times confusing ecosystem, this book will help you navigate the ever-shifting minefield."

Scott Baker-Marflitt, Course Leader, Kristiania University College, Oslo, Pick & Mix Management

"This book takes important and misunderstood subjects and simplifies them in a style that is rarely seen. It is loaded with insight into several crucial aspects of the business that creators of original music need to know. Jonny, an award-winning veteran of the industry, offers hope and optimism to any music creator by empowering them with the understanding of what they need to know to become a successful industry professional."

Ray Williams, President, Music Marketing Inc., Canada

"In an ever-changing music industry, with its grey legal areas, shifting audio formats and misinformation, Jonny's book provides a manual to navigate these vagaries and enable creatives to educate themselves in obtaining a sustainable income. This much-needed work cuts through the supposition and leads the reader down the path to greater knowledge and information."

Greg Haver, musician, producer and music industry advisor, New Zealand

"I wish I had this book before going into the music business. Anyone that reads the book will gain a broad and accurate knowledge base on the business because it answers the questions that so many have when entering this often mysterious industry. Even those who have been in the business for years can learn new things from reading this."

John Aagaard, TG Publishing/Management, Denmark

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