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Music Copyright : An Essential Guide for the Digital Age - Casey Rae
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Music Copyright

An Essential Guide for the Digital Age

By: Casey Rae

Paperback | 23 September 2021

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With behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the halls of power, real-world case studies and tips from successful industry players, Music Copyright: An Essential Guide for the Digital Age equips readers with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of music copyright. Covering such topics as music publishing, placements, performance rights, neighboring rights, and the global environment for music licensing, this book is essential to any music enterprise.

Music industry insider Casey Rae inspires confidence in setting and achieving goals in a highly competitive marketplace through tips, strategies, and implementable work plans that make setting and achieving copyright goals achievable right out of the gate. With powerful insights from all corners of the industry, Music Copyright demonstrates how creator, technology and fan communities can work together to support a healthier music ecosystem that generates value for creators, businesses and fans.

About the Author

Casey Rae is a music industry executive, musician, and cultural policy expert with a background in copyright and the evolving digital marketplace. He currently serves as director of music licensing for SiriusXM satellite radio, a service with more than 30 million listeners in the United States. Rae spent a decade advancing the musician cause in the halls of power as the CEO of the Future of Music Coalition.
Industry Reviews

A comprehensive, practical and eminently readable resource for anyone wanting to fully understand the complexities of copyright law in modern times-- it's exactly what it claims to be: an essential guide for the digital age.

Casey Rae's Music Copyright is a must-have reference for any musician or music teacher and anyone who engages with music, e.g., skaters who use music in performance or competition. Rae's experience as an author, a professor, a musician, and especially a music business professional and licensing specialist qualifies him to offer advice in the ever-developing world of copyright. The book's layout is outstanding and well served by an extraordinarily detailed table of contents. An appendix lists industry and music creator organizations; performing rights and mechanical royalty collectives; and legislative, regulatory, and rate-setting bodies. Rae, who has taught widely and is currently director of music licensing for SiriusXM, provides practical advice about the laws for digital music, public performance, recordings, fair use, registration, licensing, publishing, podcasts and music collections, and--of utmost importance--reform and barriers to change. The book will certainly help musicians keep up-to-date on the ever-changing social media used in all walks of life. Highly recommended. All readership levels.

For years I've bugged Casey with questions related to copyright. After reading his wonderfully informative book, I'm now a Certified Copyright Ninja(TM) like him!

Ray set out with the daunting task of bringing awareness to copyright issues and educating those in the music industry about how copyright interacts with the modern world. At times, it is impossible to avoid the complexities and the confusion that may arise, but Ray successfully lays the groundwork for a better understanding of these issues. A second read-through may be beneficial, as there is simply such a large quantity of information that could be overwhelming for readers who are novices to the logistics of copyright. Even if readers are not members of the music industry, there is still much to be gleaned from this book. Something relevant to everyone exists between these pages, whether the reader is seasoned in copyright laws and licenses or just starting their journey in comprehending how copyright laws operate in society today.

This is a highly readable text that provides an excellent, state-of-the-art foundation for musicians or aspiring professionals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of music copyright. I'm not aware of a more accessible, thorough, and timely resource.

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