The Memory Bible : An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young - Gary Small

The Memory Bible

An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young

By: Gary Small, Gigi Vorgan

Paperback | 12 October 2021 | Edition Number 1

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A fully revised edition of the essential book on keeping your brain young and improving your memory, from one of the world's top memory experts

Now more than ever, our brains are overloaded-with information, stress, exhaustion, and more. All these things negatively affect brain health, causing memory loss and even leading to Alzheimer's. But The Memory Bible offers clear, concise, prescriptive steps for reversing this damage, providing the innovative memory exercises and brain fitness programs necessary to immediately improve your mental performance and cognitive abilities.

Since its initial publication, this program has helped thousands of people improve their ability to remember everyday issues like where the car is parked, as well as the more important ability to think fast and maintain a healthy brain for life. This update not only brings in the most up-to-date research on brain health, but also accounts for new developments in technology, the workplace, medicine, and more. Dr. Small's comprehensive, science-backed program includes a "brain diet" of memory-enhancing foods and a list of the most effective drugs, as well as a workbook with a weekly and daily calendar, promoting lifestyle choices that have a tremendous impact on keeping brains young.

About the Author

Gary Small, MD, is Chair of Psychiatry at Hackensack University Medical Center, and Physician in Chief for Behavioral Health Services for Hackensack Meridian Health. Previously, he was Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and Parlow-Solomon Professor on Aging at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where he was also Director of the UCLA Longevity Center. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications, as well as the international bestseller, The Memory Bible . Small's research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, London Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine , and Newsweek , and numerous television programs (e.g., NBC's Today Show, CNN, PBS). Dr. Small is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Jack Weinberg Award from the American Psychiatric Association and the Senior Investigator Award from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry.

Gigi Vorgan wrote, produced and appeared in numerous feature films and television shows before teaming up with her husband, Dr. Gary Small, to co-write The Memory Bible, The Memory Prescription, The Longevity Bible, iBrain , and more.

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