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Success Frames : Why learning from success is the key to understanding what motivates and inspires us - Rob Hatch

Success Frames

Why learning from success is the key to understanding what motivates and inspires us

By: Rob Hatch

Paperback | 5 December 2023

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The long-held notion of learning from our failures doesn't work.

At best, it leaves us with a long list of what to avoid instead of giving us a way to accomplish our goals. Success isn't achieved by not doing something; it requires a series of deliberate actions.

This book provides a practical framework for understanding our unique motivations, habits, and behaviors that enable us to accomplish anything and develop a personal framework for future success.

Using compelling research and engaging stories, international best-selling author and business coach Rob Hatch reveals how to go beyond the notion of strengths and what we do well to understand the specific decisions, behaviors, and actions enabling us to achieve our goals on our terms.

Industry Reviews

In Success Frames business coach Rob Hatch suggests that we're better off learning from our successes. If you look at the steps you took toward any type of success, you may uncover a framework you can apply to your next project and the one after that. Rob's book clearly describes how to do that. - Mark Whittaker, Digital Marketing Agency Owner, LinkedIn

While failure may inform us about what went wrong or signal that we need to try something different, it fails to let us know how to do better. That's the magic and power of success. It can help us succeed because it has before and can help guide us forward. The approach of the book to make it each person's individual journey, rather than providing a formulaic approach, is a refreshing way to stop, reflect, and reframe what and how success works for each of us. - Amazon 5*

"Failure is the best teacher." Turns out that's not true. Embarrassing failures are too busy knotting up our stomachs to teach us anything except "never trying that again." So what do we learn from? We learn from reflecting on our experiences. Author Rob Hatch argues our previous successes are our best frame for our next successes. Then he sets out how to frame it, with specific questions and useful examples... Overall, a worthy successor to his previous book Attention! and the two books work well together. - NetGalley

If you're someone who likes positive psychology and working on strengths, you're going to love Success Frames by Rob Hatch. It's so refreshing to hear we all have a success framework that can help us continue to replicate the good work we've done before. I'd much rather learn from what I've done right in the past than rehash my failures. And what I particularly appreciate about this method is that it works in your personal life as well as in business. -NetGalley

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