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Smilodon : Sabre-Toothed Tiger : Graphic Prehistoric Anim - Gary Jeffrey

Smilodon : Sabre-Toothed Tiger

By: Gary Jeffrey

Hardcover | 14 December 2017 | Edition Number 1

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An introduction into the amazing world of prehistoric life that arose after the dinosaurs in comic book format

Learn all about one of the most frightening hunters of its time - the Sabre-toothed Tiger! During the last Ice Age, it preyed up mega herbivores, such as camels, giant bison and huge mammoths. Read what happened to one Smilodon in this exciting story from the prehistoric past.

In the series Graphic Prehistoric Animals, each of the four books centres on an animal from the age of mammals and tells an exciting, fast-paced story full of action and colour. Illustrated in a comic book style these books are an irresistible source of information for readers aged 8 and up, who are fascinated with our long dead megafauna.

About the Author

Gary Jeffrey, from Clacton on-Sea, Essex, UK, is well-known for his adaptions of biographies and history for comics. Over the course of a decade writing and story boarding these comics he grew to love the medium and became excited by its possibilities.

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