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Cats React to Dinosaur Facts : Cats React to Facts - Izzi Howell

Cats React to Dinosaur Facts

By: Izzi Howell

Paperback | 30 April 2024 | Edition Number 1

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Find out about dinosaurs with a crew of crazy cats and measure your amazement, awe and disgust alongside their furry feline faces as they uncover some seriously wild dinosaur facts!

Like every topic, dinosaurs become more interesting when cats are involved. Cats React to Dinosaur Facts is an engaging and fun way to understand these ancient reptiles. Bitesize text, fun photos, diagrams, dollops of humour and a react-o-meter all help to make this the most purr-fect book on dinosaurs.

This book is a great gift for dino and cat lovers aged 7 and beyond, covering dinosaurs in a unique way.

Check out the other titles in the series for more paw-some fun and learning:

Cats React to Science Facts - Winner of the best Laugh out Loud book for 6-8-year-olds (The Lollies) and winner of the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2020

Cats React to Outer Space facts

About the Author

Izzi Howell is an award-winning author and editor of over fifty children's books. She lives in East Sussex and enjoys learning languages, cooking and travelling around Europe.

Her book Cats React to Science Facts was the winner of the Best Laugh Out Loud Book for 6-8 year-olds award at The Lollies and winner of The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize in 2020.

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