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Serverless Development on AWS : Building Enterprise-Scale Serverless Solutions - Sheen Brisals

Serverless Development on AWS

Building Enterprise-Scale Serverless Solutions

By: Sheen Brisals, Luke Hedger

Paperback | 2 February 2024

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The adoption of serverless is on the rise, but until now, little guidance has been available for development teams that want to apply this technology on AWS. This definitive guide is packed with architectural, security, and data best practices and patterns for architects and engineers who want to build reliable enterprise-scale serverless solutions.

Sheen Brisals, an AWS Serverless Hero, and Luke Hedger, an AWS Community Builder, outline the serverless adoption requirements for an enterprise, examine the development tools your team needs, and explain in depth the nuances of testing event-driven and distributed serverless services. You'll gain practical guidance for keeping up with change and learn how to build serverless solutions with sustainability in mind.

  • Examine the serverless technology ecosystem and AWS services needed to develop serverless applications
  • Learn the approach and preparation required for a successful serverless adoption in an enterprise
  • Learn serverless architectures and implementation patterns
  • Design, develop, and test distributed serverless microservices on AWS cloud
  • Apply security best practices while building serverless solutions
  • Identify and adapt the implementation patterns for your particular use case
  • Incorporate the necessary measures for observable serverless applications
  • Implement sustainable serverless applications in the cloud
About the Authors

Sheen Brisals is an AWS Serverless Hero and guides enterprise teams in architecting and building serverless solutions. He has held several positions at leading software organizations over his long career. He is very passionate about serverless and loves sharing knowledge with the community. His writings and thoughts on serverless adoption have successfully helped several engineers and organizations on their serverless journey. Sheen is an international speaker who talks about serverless at conferences around the world.

Luke Hedger is a seasoned software engineer and AWS Community Builder. He has worked at all layers of the software stack, building backend applications and state-of-the-art React apps, blockchain networks and viral marketing websites, open source tools and a pineapple delivery system. Luke has been leading serverless engineering teams since 2019 and believes we are only just beginning to unlock the full potential of serverless technology.

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