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Real Pigeons Stay Coo : Real Pigeons : Book 10 - Andrew McDonald

Real Pigeons Stay Coo

Real Pigeons : Book 10

By: Andrew McDonald, Ben Wood (Illustrator)

Paperback | 3 November 2022 | Edition Number 1

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Product Description
Ever wonder why pigeons always act so weird? It’s because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and saving your butts!

The Real Pigeons are great crime-fighters – because most people ignore pigeons.

But when a video of the pigeons goes online, they are suddenly FAMOUS. It's much harder to solve mysteries when everyone is always watching.

And there are MANY mysteries that need solving.
  • Like who has committed a SLIME CRIME?
  • How did a flock of ROLLING PIGEONS vanish into thin air?
  • And why would anyone try to catch FRILLBACK in a cage?
Can the Real Pigeons STAY COO in the spotlight? Or are their crime-fighting days over?

Nickelodeon is developing an animated movie and TV series based on Real Pigeons Fight Crime, to be produced by James Corden and Ben Winston!
  • With over 200,000 books in print and legions of fans worldwide, the REAL PIGEONS series is perfect for fans of Bad Guys and Dog Man.
  • Every book contains THREE hilarious, silly and engrossing mysteries!
  • Shortlisted for the 2019 Readings Children’s Book Prize and the 2019 & 2020 ABIA Book of the Year for Younger Children.
About the Author

Andrew McDonald is the author of the bestselling Real Pigeons junior fiction series. He loves writing stories that make kids laugh, wonder and leap into the air with surprise. His books have been shortlisted for the Readings Children’s Book Prize and the Australian Book Industry Awards.

Andrew is a regular presenter on the schools circuit, where he conducts writing workshops, talks about his life as an author and inspires kids to read, write, draw and be creative. Andrew lives in Melbourne, Australia.

About the Illustrator

Ben Wood is the illustrator of the bestselling Real Pigeons junior fiction series. Drawn to stories with humour and heart, Ben has illustrated over 30 books for children. His lively illustrations reflect his love for graphic novels and animation, and really pack a (pigeon) punch in the Real Pigeons series.

Ben’s books have been included on the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s ‘Notables’ lists, and shortlisted for the Readings Children’s Book Prize and the Australian Book Industry Awards. When not in the studio, Ben speaks in schools and runs workshops about illustration. He lives in Victoria, Australia.
Industry Reviews
‘With comic-style black and white illustrations throughout, it’s the energetic, exciting pictures that lead the Real Pigeons’ heroic exploits. The good guys are really good, the bad guys are really bad, the plots are really devious, and together they are absolutely hilarious.’ —BookTrust
‘When crime rears its ugly head, who better than pigeons to have on your side? A goofball farce… this episodic volume offers two other cases for the crime-busting birdies, and young readers will make quick work of them all. Totally coo!” —Kirkus Reviews
Manic energy and flapstick comedy (get it?) ricochet through the chapters…. Dog Man and Inspector Flytrap fans are ideal readers for this perfectly absurd new series.” —Booklist
‘This is such a funny series with plenty of word play, hillarious visuals and graphic dialogue. Fans of Bad GuysInvestigators and the Treehouse series will be instant fans as will those who like quirky humour and rollicking fun.’ —ReadPlus
‘Text and pictures work together seamlessly, with comic sequences, graphic dialogue, funny captions, exuberant visual humour and word play. I can’t wait to witness more of the Real Pigeons’ ingenuity, bravery, teamwork, and general silliness.’ —Readings Books
The best thing is its funny! Andrew McDonald, the writer, and Ben Wood, the illustrator, work wonderfully well in keeping the laughs constant throughout the book. I can’t wait to keep reading this funny and fun series.’ ––Reading with a Chance of Tacos
‘Perfect for emerging readers who want action, hilarious hijinks, and crime-fighting mysteries.’ ––School Library Journal
Irresistible to reluctant readers!’ ––The Age and Sydney Morning Herald
‘REAL PIGEONS = REAL LAUGHS FOR REAL KIDS!” –– Sally Rippin, Australian Children’s Laureate and author of the Billie B Brown and School of Monsters series.
‘Not only did we cackle and giggle while reading, we also slept MUCH SAFER knowing that there were REAL PIGEONS out there fighting crime!’ ––Peter Helliar, comedian and author of the bestselling Frankie Fish series
‘I love that these books are appropriate for quite a large age range. Mr 10 started reading this series when he was six and fell in love with all the characters, so when this one turned up in the mail he grabbed it eagerly. He feels like he's grown up with Rock, Tumblr, Grandpouter and all the pigeon crew.’––Aussie Kids Books
  • ‘Real Pigeons is really funny and very WEIRD. I have read it about 50 times.’ – Tom, 8 years old
  • ‘The REAL PIGEONS make me laugh and the book is fun to read.’ – Caitlin, 7 years old
  • ‘I love the Real Pigeons because they are adventurous, brave and they make me laugh.’ – Sam, 7 years old
  • ‘All the pigeons make me laugh. When I see pigeons in the street now, I imagine what crimes they are trying to solve.’ – Fraser, 6 and ¾ years old
  • ‘I also really love Rock’s pet twig, Trent. It is such a funny thing to have a pet twig.’ – Tom, 8 years old
  • ‘I really loved Real Pigeons because it has humour with hints of heroism, realism and adventure.’ – Archie, 10 years old

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