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Petal : The Other Side of Suicide - Tanya French


The Other Side of Suicide

By: Tanya French

Paperback | 10 April 2019

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In 1998, Tanya French was a busy and happy wife and mother of three doing just what every other mother does – to do her utmost to give her family the best life they could possibly have – whilst simultaneously managing a highly successful international company with her husband, Mark.

Then, her world and that of her family changed dramatically when Mark suddenly and tragically took his own life, sending her family, friends, and a whole town into total shock. This man – this outgoing, vivacious, talented, funny, life of the party – had ended his own life, prompting Tanya to set out on a journey to understand why he would choose to end his life so tragically and so violently and why he would leave those who loved him so much.

Tanya French gives her courageous personal account of raising a family in the midst of the tragic and unexpected suicide of her husband. Overcoming shock, disbelief, guilt, shame, anger and despair, Tanya provides hope and support for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one and advice for those who may yet have a chance to save them.

How to recover after a suicide is different for everyone. Support after suicide can mean everything.

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