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You Are Not Alone : a new way to grieve - Cariad Lloyd

You Are Not Alone

a new way to grieve

By: Cariad Lloyd

Paperback | 30 April 2024

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New Statesman, The Times and Express Book of The Year 2023

'Full of sense, heart and hope . . . the friend you need when you're grieving' Philippa Perry

'This book is a game-changer. Read it before you need to' Dr Kathryn Mannix

'It's honest and warm and funny (in all the right places)' Julia Samuel

When Cariad Lloyd was just fifteen, she became the person-whose-dad-had-died; a mess of emotions and questions. She turned to the Five Stages of Grief model for guidance, but found its framework of loss was hard to reconcile with her messy and non-linear experience of grief.

In this wise and witty book, Cariad shares her grief road map – a collection of years of profound insights from experts and guests featured on her podcast, Griefcast – to remind us that you cannot do grief wrong. The flexibility of the map acknowledges that no two experiences of grief are the same and assists us in building a life around our grief.

So, welcome to the club. We know you didn't ask to be here. But you will be okay. Because you are not alone.

'A blackly funny, honest, thought-provoking and compassionate book' The Times

'Feels like a warm bath . . . Lloyd's chatty writing style is familiar and funny' New Statesman

'A moving and funny meditation on loss' Observer

About the Author

Cariad Lloyd is an actor, comedian, improviser, podcaster and writer. She is the creator and host of the award-winning podcast Griefcast, where she talks to people about their experiences of grief and death. Past guests gave included Adam Buxton, Aisling Bea, Sara Pascoe, Isabel Allende, Fleur East, Monty Don and Nish Kumar. It won Podcast of the Year at the British podcast awards in 2018.

Cariad has also appeared in Peep Show, Have I Got News For You and QI, and is one of the creators of improv show, Austentatious. | @ladycariad | @thegriefcast
Industry Reviews
Grief: it is unpredictable and funny and sad, and You Are Not Alone captures this beautifully ... It is a blackly funny, honest, thought-provoking and compassionate book that will be of comfort to all who know loss ... Her chapter on modern mourning is fascinating .... There is useful advice on how to talk to someone who is grieving .... Lloyd encourages us to consider our own death in a chapter that is confronting and important. Most of us don't want to think about it, but doing so could make life much easier for our loved ones ... As the chapters progress, we see her teenage irritation and anger soften into a longing to have known him better. I teared up reading the list of questions she has for him ... This is a book with great heart. As cliched as it might sound, you do feel less alone after reading it ... This book helps to break the silence around something we all experience. ''We live, we die. That's it. Isn't it strange and normal? Isn't it awful and ordinary?'' Exactly.
The Times

This book is a game-changer, a grief companion for our time . . . Practical, kind, honest, generous. Read it before you need to. You can thank me later
Dr Kathryn Mannix, author of With the End in Mind

We do not talk enough about grief. Often, it is a lonely path. Cariad Lloyd has made it her life's work to make us feel less alone, like we belong to a club, like our grief is both collective and individual, that there is no right way to remember those no longer with us, and that there is great comfort in talking about grief and death. Told with humanity, humour and honesty, this is a book for all of us, because we will all experience grief at some point in our lives, and this book will make us feel less alone
Dr Nikesh Shukla

Stunning . . . This is a necessary book for all of us, those new to grief, the old hands, or the simply curious to understand. Even though it is about death, it's a guide book to life
Aisling Bea

It is the secret desire of many artists to make themselves useful and Cariad has achieved just that. A wise, warm and important book
Robert Webb

A pick-and-mix of insight into loss, filled with wit, warmth and wisdom
Alan Davies

I love this book. It's honest and warm and funny (in all the right places), and connects us to our most vulnerable and robust selves. Everyone should read it
Julia Samuel

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