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How to Write What You Want to Say ... in the secondary years : 2nd edition - Patricia Hipwell

How to Write What You Want to Say ... in the secondary years

2nd edition

By: Patricia Hipwell

Paperback | 30 September 2020 | Edition Number 2

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The is the second edition of How to write what you want to say. There are more cognitive verbs and many more sentence starters.

The book increases from 56 pages to 80 pages that will greatly assist students with answering questions in assignments and examinations.

Students who struggle with putting their ideas into writing need the language that mature writers use. This book provides that language in the form of sentence starters and connectives.

How to write what you want to say is a guide for those students who know what they want to say but can’t find the words provides parents, teachers and students with a unique tool for improving writing and suits students in the secondary years.

About the Author

Patricia Hipwell MEd, BSc Econ (Hons), Grad Dip. Literacy Ed, PGCE is an independent literacy consultant for her own company, logonliteracy. She delivers literacy professional development to teachers in Australia, and works predominantly in Queensland schools. Patricia specialises in assisting all teachers to be literacy teachers, especially high school subject specialists who often struggle with how to combine content area and literacy teaching. Assessment has been an area of interest for many years and much of Patricia’s work enables teachers to create assessment that is ‘doable’.

The idea for this book came from the author’s experiences with her own children who, like many students, struggled with putting what they wanted to say into words, especially when the ‘saying’ involved writing. It has been Patricia’s experience that students need help to develop the language that mature writers use. In this book, there are sentence starters and connectives that students should use when demonstrating a particular writing skill. Language is the way that it is because of the job that it does, and letting students into the secret of this makes a significant difference to the quality of work they produce.

Patricia has developed a number of resources to assist students’ literacy development. She is available to provide professional development to teachers to support the use of the resources, including this one, that she recommends.

How to Write What You Want to Say