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Helping Children Become Better Readers : For parents, caregivers, teachers and aides - Patricia Hipwell

Helping Children Become Better Readers

For parents, caregivers, teachers and aides

By: Patricia Hipwell

Paperback | 28 July 2021 | Edition Number 1

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Reading is a problem solving task for children. This book is designed to help make reading a pleasurable experience for both the child and the caregiver.

Helping children become better readers: For parents, caregivers, teachers and aides is for anyone who assists children as they learn to read. It enables caregivers to provide the best support to developing readers by identifying and responding to reading behaviours. Packed with practical tips and guidelines, this book will turn learning to read into a pleasurable experience for everyone involved and allow children to become successful and independent readers.

About the Author

Patricia Hipwell is an independent literacy consultant for her own company, logonliteracy. She delivers literacy professional development to teachers in Australia, and works predominantly in Queensland schools. Patricia has specialised in assisting all teachers to be literacy teachers, especially high school subject specialists who often struggle with what it means to be content area teacher and a literacy teacher. Patricia was a secondary teacher for years, having worked in Queensland, Australia and the United Kingdom since 1974. As a literacy consultant, Patricia has developed a number of resources to assist student's literacy development. She is available to provide professional development to teachers to support the use of resources, including this one, which she recommends.
Industry Reviews
"‘A Must Have’ for every parent and educator of literacy Patricia Hipwell’s latest gift to literacy is dynamite...filled to the brim with practical strategies, it is so easy to digest. Additionally, the chapers are broken up based on a persons reading behaviour making it a very simple, user-friendly resource that allows you to identify the area or need and what to do about it. Loved it! "- MC Ferguson

"Helping children become better readers is another gem, another 'must-have’, by Pat Hipwell. When it comes to developing reading skills in children, few can demystify the theory and process as expertly as Pat. Deep understanding arises from quality explanations, specific details, explicit examples and truly grasping the what, why and how. Offered in this book is an approach to reading as a problem-solving activity. It includes specific troubleshooting strategies that are accessible for all people tasked with supporting reading in young children. You will not be left guessing if you are 'doing it right'. As Pat says, to become better at something, you need to do more of it. Pat knows precisely what young readers and their parents, carers, teachers and aides need when it comes to the teaching and learning of reading."
- Raelene Maxworthy
Leader of teaching and Learning
Mc Carthy Catholic College

"I found the book to be full of useful hints and suggestions. As a teacher, I found that the responding to behaviours section particularly helpful as I could apply them to the students in my class whenever we were reading text. This helped me with strategies to assist my students with their reading and comprehension of text. The suggestions for use of body language and movement tied in nicely with the advice from the school based speech pathologist. Additionally the work ties in with the Robust Vocabulary instruction and can be used to augment the explicit teaching of key vocabulary." -Miss Tommy Younger
Science Teacher
Woodridge State High School

"Five stars! Being a teacher for almost 14 years now...I've seen my fair share of educational books! Usually books like this that I see are long, boring and have a bunch of words in it that no one really understands...and pictures to match! But just to be super, super clear - this is Not one of those!

This book is simple and very clear in how to offer support to children who might be struggling with reading. It's stepped out, numbered with clear headings and easy to follow. Basically it says, if your child is doing this...try this....with a few examples and options. So awesome!

What a great text! It's useful, clear and simple! Highly recommend this!" -Sarah Cole
Australian Public School Teacher

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