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How to Not Die Alone : The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love - Logan Ury

How to Not Die Alone

The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love

By: Logan Ury

Paperback | 9 February 2021 | Edition Number 1

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In this funny and practical guide, a behavioral scientist turned dating coach helps you understand - and overcome - the hidden forces keeping you from finding lasting love.

Have you ever looked around and wondered, "Why has everyone found love except me?"

You're not the only one. We've gone from the first iPod ("1,000 songs in your pocket") to Tinder - 1,000 potential dates in your pocket. Choosing a partner is harder now than ever before.

A lasting relationship doesn't just appear in your life: it's the culmination of a series of decisions, including when to get out there, whom to date, how to end it with the wrong person, when to settle down with the right one, and everything in between. Often we don't understand why we make certain choices, and that leads to mistakes. And those mistakes thwart us on our quest to find love.

Drawing from years studying psychology and relationships, behavioral scientist turned dating coach Logan Ury reveals the hidden forces that fuel faulty decision-making and prevent us from finding love. But awareness on its own doesn't lead to results. Knowing you shouldn't date "bad boys" or "manic pixie dream girls," for example, doesn't make them any less appealing - you have to actually change your behavior. Ury shows you how.

You'll discover what's really holding you back in dating (it's not what you think), why your current dating app habits aren't helping you find a great match (and how to fix them), and why there's no such thing as "The One" (but you'll find love anyway), and much, much more.

This book focuses on a different decision in each chapter - from setting up your dating app profile onward - and incorporates insights from behavioral science, original research, hands-on exercises, and stories about people just like you. It's designed to transform your love life. HOW TO NOT DIE ALONE will help you find, build, and keep the relationship of your dreams.
Industry Reviews
Why have you not found love? Logan Ury's HOW TO NOT DIE ALONE speaks to truths that your friends won't tell you. With a unique voice that offers clarity, action, and results, Ury's book promises to be a definitive guide for a generation navigating the murky waters of modern love

In HOW TO NOT DIE ALONE, dating coach Logan Ury compiles the research on what trips people up when looking for love and lays it all out in a simple-to-use guide. If you need a perspective shift, this is a book you'll want to keep on hand as you navigate the modern dating terrain

HOW TO NOT DIE ALONE is a must-read for millennials navigating any stage of their relationship. The advice is clear, researched-based, and actually easy to follow. It's the perfect book for anyone who wants to up their dating game

This is an eye-opening book. Based on the best that social science has to offer, and written in an easy-to-understand style, full of useful exercises and checklists, Logan Ury has provided a guide that will help you avoid many of the traps people face in finding and keeping romantic relationships in today's world. And as a bonus, reading this book will surely help you make other big decisions in life that have nothing to do with romance

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