Find Your Courage : NTC Self-Help - Margie Warrell

Find Your Courage

By: Margie Warrell

Paperback | 1 December 2008 | Edition Number 1

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Conquer your fears and go after your dreams

Are you afraid to stand up to your boss? Change your career? End a bad relationship? Transform your life? It's only natural. Fear is a trait we all possess--but so is courage. This amazing step-by-step guide by certified life coach Margie Warrell gives you all the tools you need to find that courage and put it to work in your professional and personal life. Using the book's proven courage-building exercises, you can:

  • IDENTIFY COURAGE BLOCKERS - The fears and doubts that are holding you back and limiting your success
  • LEARN HOW TO BE A LEADER - The secret to powerful communication and decision making
  • TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU - The eight essentials for courageous conversations
  • ACHIEVE THE GOALS THAT INSPIRE YOU MOST DEEPLY - The keys to getting and staying on track toward your goals and dreams - no matter how big!

Even if you think of yourself as timid, unadventurous, cynical, or shy, you'll be surprised at the hidden reserves of courage you already possess. This book shows you how to tap into that courage in twelve simple steps. So say good-bye to self-doubt -and hello to a bigger, happier, more satisfying, and successful life.

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