Stop Playing Safe : How to be braver in your work, leadership and life, Revised 2nd Edition - Margie Warrell

Stop Playing Safe

How to be braver in your work, leadership and life, Revised 2nd Edition

By: Margie Warrell

Paperback | 6 August 2021 | Edition Number 2

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Stop holding yourself back and realize your true potential by embracing risk and uncertainty

As the world around us seems to careen from one crisis to another, playing it safe becomes an increasingly attractive alternative. But what if taking the more sheltered route is actually keeping us from some of life's greatest rewards?

In the Second Edition of Stop Playing Safe, best-selling author, commentator, and coach Margie Warrell brings you insights and commentary from some of the world's most accomplished and courageous people. These individuals have found fulfillment, success, and even security by taking intelligent risks, and their experiences can show you how to overcome fear to realize your own goals.

In this book you'll:

  • Find case studies and stories from around the world that demonstrate the power of taking calculated risks
  • Learn how to deal with anxiety and uncertainty by embracing adaptability and flexibility
  • Tap into your inner courage to find success and satisfaction in your life and work
With a brand-new foreword and thoroughly updated material that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic, Stop Playing Safe is perfect for leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals who want to ditch the fear and anxiety that's been holding them back and fully embrace their potential.

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