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Ester : Australian Cooking - Mat Lindsay


Australian Cooking

By: Mat Lindsay, Pat Nourse (As told to)

Hardcover | 3 October 2023

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Product Description
"The essential book on modern Australian food from leading cook, thinker, and Ester founder Mat Lindsay.

""Never question anything Mat Lindsay does. Ever. He's a true genius, although the word is used so often it's become meaningless. But his particular mixture of sensibility, talent and devotional concentration is rare."" Nigella Lawson

make a fire. fake a fire. roast your oysters. dance for pipis. slow it down. raise a toast. take lunch. grill a salad. bake a crab. step outside. burn your pav. pass the salt. eat with your hands. chew on the bone.

Ester is an invitation to play with your food and enjoy the adventure. It's born of an eponymous restaurant in inner Sydney, but it's proudly not a restaurant book. Think of it more as the foundations for some new ideas in your kitchen and at your table; written to be used, shared, read aloud, perhaps burnt.

Mat Lindsay's cooking resists easy labels. Certainly it's a distinct kind of full-flavoured Australian food: generous, mindfully chosen seafood; darkly caramelised wood-fired bread; vegetables cooked to just the right level of doneness; meat that's been treated with respect and, often, time; and the odd burnt pavlova, a true signature. Ester the restaurant is all about its wood-fired oven and the magic it imparts, but the fundamentals don't change at home, and everything in this book can be made delicious wherever you live.
The ethos of Mat's acclaimed and widely beloved Chippendale restaurant has always been to offer guests a no-rules good time and the intention within these pages is just the same. Whether it prompts you to rethink the possibilities of toast, roast your fruit, try the classic cauliflower, or embrace Sunday lunch, the Ester playbook presents many ideas to cook and live by."

About the Author

Mat Lindsay grew up on the central coast of New South Wales and had never been to a fancy restaurant until he walked into Rockpool, the fanciest restaurant in Sydney in its day, looking for a job to pay the bills while he was studying graphic design. Working for Neil Perry and then Kylie Kwong, two of Australia's most celebrated chefs, at Wokpool, Rockpool and at Billy Kwong, he learnt about produce and technique, about how to taste and how to build and balance flavour, and how to work beyond the idea of Western and Eastern cuisines. Ester, the restaurant he opened in Sydney's Chippendale in 2013, has become a standard-bearer for contemporary Australian dining, and Poly, the wine bar he opened in 2018, and A.P Bakery, which he opened in 2021, continue that tradition.

A restaurant critic and travel writer with more than two decades' experience to his name, Pat Nourse is the creative director of Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. A former editor at Gourmet Traveller, he has been published internationally in the likes of Cond Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure, Saveur, Gourmet, Lucky Peach, Lonely Planet, Fool, The Robb Report and Afar, as well as in the books Signature Dishes That Matter and the Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails. Pat strongly disagrees with Mat's inflammatory views on avocado and mezcal.
Industry Reviews
"""Never question anything Mat Lindsay does. Ever. He's a true genius, although the word is used so often it's become meaningless. But his particular mixture of sensibility, talent and devotional concentration is rare."" - Nigella Lawson

""Wow, what a book! Mat is a thoughtful, talented, humble chef and Ester is his laser-like thinking on food that just says, 'eat me'."" - Neil Perry, Margaret, Sydney

""Mat is a trailblazer, no question. Ester, with its open kitchen and grounding, earthy, nurturing wood fire, perfectly reflects his humility, warmth and originality."" - Kylie Kwong, Lucky Kwong, Sydney

""An insight into the much-loved restaurant Ester - an inspiration to chefs far and wide. Mat's unique ability to distill and coax flavour is presented beautifully and simply for anyone who loves to cook."" - Andrew McConnell, Trader House restaurants, Melbourne

""Mat has an uncanny ability to strike directly at the heart of what makes food so special. A seemingly simple approach that can only be obtained through the obsession with our craft and decades of dedication. A master of flavour and fire. Ester has always been the type of place that you just don't want to leave, and I'm so glad that I can take a bit of it home with this beautiful book."" - Rene Redzepi, Noma, Copenhagen

""Mat's a genius - Ester is the dream restaurant I wished I'd opened. This book is stunning, clever, approachable and smartly written. He's pulled that rare trick of creating a book based on a restaurant that's actually accessible to everyone and will inspire people to cook. He explains what the building blocks of dishes are and how to build confidence. I've no doubt this book will become as iconic as Ester is."" - James Lowe, Lyle's, London


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Ester : Australian Cooking - Mat Lindsay


RRP $55.00